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Respectable Slave Traders

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-T. D. Weid,lates in his book, that Mr. Erwin, son-in-law of FÏENRt Clay. Iaid the foundation of a princely fortune in the elave trade, carried on from the northern slave States to the planting South. - Hon. H. Hitchock. brother-in-lawof Mr. E., and since one of the judges of the Supreme Coiirt o Alabama, was interested with him in the trafile. Col. Wall, a late member of the Kentucky Senate, not only carried on the business a few years since, but accompanied his droves in person down the MiVsissippi. Not as the driter, for that would be vulgar drudgey.unbefítting o gentleman, but asa nabob in State, ordering his understrappers. President Jacksoit was a 'soul driver.' and even so late as the year before the coinmcncement of the last war, he bouzht up a coffle of slaves and drove them down 'o Louisinia for sale. Thomas N. Gadsdkn, the slave auctioneer of Charleston. S. C. who pells slaves by thousnnds. is of one of the first families in the State, and moves in the hiEhestclass of society there. His father was a general in the Revolutionary army. his brother is a Colonel in the U. S. army. and two other brothers are Episcopal clergymen'of S. Carolina. Droves of slaves are purchnsed by members of Congress, and condu:ted by themselves in per son or by proxy to their quarters. andan Honorable Senitor has been seen several hundred miles from Washington, conveying a Lot of slaves purchased during his official attendance in that city. almost to the very doora of the huts intended for their residence.


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