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Address To Christian Slaves

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A document with this title has been put forth by the Cazenovia Chnstian Convent ion. It commences by telling the slaves that all Christians are not in feeling or action like thoso by whom they are surrounded, who job and plunder thetn. It enumerates the efforts of abolitionists for their good, and recommends to them to observe individually or socially, as far ae their circumstances vvill permit. the anti-slavery concert of prayer on the last Monday of every month, which is observed by thoueands in all parte of the world. The address enjoins on ihem to love and orgive their enemies- not to retaliate- to be meek,not answering again - not to steal - not to take things that others claim without permisaion, unless to relieve their neeessities, or facilítate their escape. They are remindeduf the divine injunciions in reference to chastity, and are exhorted to keep the nommands ofthoughit, God should cost them their lives. It is bettcr to José the borly than the soul. They are also warned against intoxicating spirits. In (heir religious connections, they are advised to give no countenance, by attendanco on the preaching. or by connection wiih the churches, to hoso who practically. or oiherwise, sustain and defond slavcry. Such preachers are the deadliest focsofthe slave. They are known by their fruits. Give no heed to them. They are reminded of the example of Christ, who neither reviled nor threatcned. but committed himself to him that judgeüi righteously. Non-resistance to injuries is inculcated as the Christian spirit. Had the convention, however, adopted the views of Christianity wliich commony prevnil, and which have recently been defended in the N. Y. Evangelist, they might consistently have recommended to the slaves to rise in ebellion as eoon as there was a prospect of sucesful resistance. This was the principie on which our fathers acted. We do noi say that his would be ezpedient in the case of the slaves.or that U woaid be right, but we sny that the principies of Christianity, as believed by the greatcr part of the churches and clergy in al! the States, would justify ihe slaves in resisting opression by force.


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