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Nelson Hackett

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This is the name of aslave who escaped Inst summer from Arkansas. taking with bim, it is said, a horse valued at $300 nnd a watch, valued at $200. Whether they were taken from his niaster or some other person, dees not appoar. The Governor of Arkansas sent to the Governor of Canada a claim or to deliver him up as a fugitive from justice, which wascomplied with. He was brought across the nver, 'and lodged n Detroit j lil for some time. The proceediugs of the colored people of Detroit respecting hia case we published last winter. I 'e was taken back by two agents commissioned for that puipose, but when passing through Indiana, he escaped. He wandered about two days, having lost hia way, and then entered a house to get something to eat. $200 having been ofFered for h:s apprehension, the ownerof the premises delivered liim up, declaring tbat although he was an abolitionist, he would not connive at the escape of a criminal frommented punishment. He will doubtlessbe nearly or quite killed on his reluin, as nn example to other slaves. The Governor oí Cannda was under no obligations whatever to deiiver up Nelson, even ïf the charges were correct. No treaty 6tipulations ex8t to that effect. Upon the same princiile all the slave refugees in Canada might be deivered up, as they ieft the alave States with some article of dre6s, nowever trifling, which belonged to their mastera. This transaction has excited considerable alarm among colored people. e urea were taken at the last meeting ol therican A. ö. Society to mcmoriaJize the British Colonial Department on the subject.


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