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The friend of Mon says. the ;Vermont Liberty party is out with a full noniinaiion of State officer8. They have put up Williams again for Governor. He declined the nomina tion laat year, bul has gained sonie new ligh within a year, we trust. It is confidently believed ihat hc wil] gain the election.' ETThe Dr.troit Free Press complains of the deep policy of Whiggery, which seeks to bring the liberal principies of the Democratie party in regard to the elective franchise, into contempt. FIow is this done? Why, the Free Press says: "Whenever we propose to extend the right ol suflrage bcyond property holders, they go ior giving it equally te white and black." VVell, what of it? Does this bring the 6uflrage into contempl? Ah, no: but it brings into contempt the :lilieral principies" of the Democrncy. because the legsnf the said principies are not equal. The said prfnciples aver that laxation and representation should 6e cn-extensive, and yet they exclude a part of the taxpayers on account of their complexion. The ';deep policy" of whiggery vcry justly exposes this nlisunlity, and this is why you complain. Be just and consistent, Mr. FreePress, nnd the deep poücy of whiggery will be perfeclly harmless.KfThe celebration of the frst of August, the anniversnry of West India Emancipation, by a general mass meeting nt Ann Albor, was sug gesied nt the last annual meeting o f the State A S. Society, and left discretionary with the Exec mive Commiitee As that will'be a very bus scason of the year, and as A. S. ' will soon assemble in all parts of the State, tht Committee have not deemed it nece6sary to cal! a general meeting at Ann Arbor. (CPThe Albany Toesin proposes a-Methodisi Convention tobecalled immedintely on'the prin ciple of opposition to Fpiicopacy and to Sldtery.


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