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Atrocious Abduction

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A horrible cnsc occurrcd lately in Philadelphia. sbowing tlie practical working of the recent decisión of the Supreme Court, allowing every slaveholder to seize his elaves, and the increase wherever he cnn find them. A man from Vir ginia. named Watson. made oath before Aldermnn Binns, that the wife of Jabez Sowden, a colored man. was his slave twelve years ago. - A constable was autho.ized to commit her to piison. In the afternoon, Watson sent a request to Sowden to visit him at the Hotel, which he did, and was kindly treated. and was requested to cali in the evening with his wife, Watson hnving bocn somewhat acquainted with his wife previously. Sowden did cali with her, and Watson desired him to go below. and enquiroat the bar for sotne person. When he retuined, hefound the door of the room locked, and enquiring what it meant, his wite answered from within tliat it was an attempt to kidnap her. Sowden ran out of the house to procure the assistance of his friends. and when he returned, they were forcing his wife into a hack at the private door of the hotel. Sowden followed the hack, crying murder, which bronght the pólice officers to the spot. A person in the hack stated the woman was in the charge of a constable on the way to Moyamensing, and the pólice allowed them to proceed. Next niorning Sowden found his wife on the cars at Wilmington, guarded by Watson, who refused to show any warrant fior his proceedings, except his pislol. which he held to the breast of a gemlemnn, who asked his autlíority. He also threateued to shoot Sowden. if he did not leave the place. The cars were put in motion, and Sowden saw his wife no more. He had been married seven years, and had nevur heard his wife intimate that she had been a slave. They have hö childreri. Sowden has commenced an action against Thomns Fisher, thé hack driver. for an assault and batteryupon his wife - also against Alderman Binns and officer Crawford, for the part they took in the tra'nsaction. Thomas Earle Esq. appeared for the proseoution. The case has caused considerable excitement, and will no doubt be thoroughly canvassed. If this system of legalized kidnapping ehnll be steadily persisted in in the free States, unless human nature shall alter, it will result in blood.EFThe Jackson De mocrat evades answering the inquiry we made last week. Our question was this: "Will thé editor of the Democrat demónstrate that EFAs anú-slavery citizens of Jackson Countyj are fanatics and avowed enemies ofthcir country?" He refere us for proof to the resolufons concerninga dibsolution of the Union, propo;cd. but not adopted, we believe, at Conventions in New York and Boston, ana also a resolution, declaring that the religión of the country, fnlsely so called, is the main support of slaverj. We will not now discuss the question whether a belief in these points necessarüy makes a man an enemy to his country, or a fanatic. - But admitting it to beso, what evidence can be produced that the abolilionistsof Jackson Covnty hold to such sentiments7 It is their ';vapid ravings" that the Democrat objeets to having mingled withhis "patriotic efTueions." Produce the proof that the anti -slavery citizens of your county are fanatics and avowed enemies of their country, and we will acknowledge that we are answered, and that the editor of the Democrat has fulíilled his obligations as a gentleman. Will he do it?


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