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This body of Christians and Christian ministers held their annunl meeting in our village on the first and second inat. Wo had the pleasure of attending a part of the time during its session. The reporta írom the different churches - the fnendly interchange of sentiment - the high tone of Christian feeling - and the perfect harmony that prevailed - rendered it a scason of peculiar interest to all who were present. The two great questions of Slavery and Internperance camo in for a full share of atiention, as will be seen by tho ;Circular Leiter," which we publish on our first page. This letter is unlike any thing of the kind we have seen. The sen timent 8 correct, its spirit fearless and independent, and it ischaritably hoped that every Baptist in the State will feel bis energtes aroused, and be stimuJatod to new and vigorous action for the suppre8sion of intemperance, mi the OYrthrow ,of sluvery, on reading ihia able and soul-stirring letter. How rich and valuable does a production like this Circular Letter appear when contrasted with the cowardly and time-serving resolutions of the Michigan Conference of the Methodist Epi8 copal Church, which prohibits ministers frotn patronizing Ami-elavery papers, and uniting in Anti slavery orgutiizations. Let the Baptist and o"her Christian denomina tions cnny out the recommendaiions of this letter to the churches.and slavery in our country and in the church, with its nameless and untold evils.will soon be nuuibered among the things that were. , The Michigan Christim Herald is a neat, well executed sheet, devoted to the inieiests of the Baptist Church in this State. At the late meeting it was cordially recommended to the brcthren as worthy of their support, but not uniil t was distinctly understood that its columns would be open to the advooacy of the claims of the oppressed. We roosl cordially wish our Bapt6t jrethrcn success in their opposilion to oppression and_ wrong.


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