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The New Apportionment

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Theincrease of the ratio to 70,63, and the consequent diminution of the Houae of Repreentatives, to 223, in our opinión, is injudicious, nd will opérate unfavorably for the bestinterests of the country. The laboring classes would be more efïiciently and more fully represented in a Inrger House. But the single District plan will be n public blessing. It wiü render each repre entative directly ameriable to his constituents, md he vvül, therefore. be much more attent ive to heir wishes and intcresrs. He will not be able t divide his responsibüity with his colleagues. 1y ih 3 decisión of his fellow-citizens, who ap. point him, he must stand or fal!. The .single district system will opérate favorably for the Liberty party, while in its growing srate. In particular distriets. the Liberty men will be able to succeed. when they might by no n.eans be sucecssful in a whole State. Whence the tendency of the district system will be to strengihen the mlnority parties in each State, while it weakens the party in power. These 'idvantages will be genend, extending to all the States, and permanent, as the syslem will not probably be ehanged until another census sliall be taken.(tThe Hon. Genrge Bradbnrn of Nantucket,is lecturing on slavery inftiassachusetts (tJoseph Sturge has published a new work entitled, f'Avisitto the United Statea in 1841." OAt the recent meeting of the American Baptist A. 3. Convention in Boston, a Provisional Foreign Mission Committee was orpanized to carry on the work of missions, without feUow shipping the robbery f their fellow men. It is etated in the proceedings that "a large portion of the denomination do not and cannot contribute to the existing Foreign mission while it holds its present position.1'(tTA Christian A. S.Conveniion was held at Cazenovia, N. Y. June lst. An addrese to the cbrisfian slaves was adopled. QDaniel Webster has recently taken ihe lelotal pledge. He ought to have done it long1 sílice. It argnes but poorly m favor of his patriotism, ihat he defërred setiing such an example to inferior mcn,until he could scarcely find a respectable wine drinker to keep hira in countrnnnce.


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