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Pow in the courseof Publicación. A DICTIONARY OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES AND MINES CONTAISING A CLEAR EXPOSIT1O.N OF THEIR PKIN CIPI.ES AND PRACTICE. By Andrtw Ure, M. JD., F. R. S. M. G. S.. M. A.S. Lond., Mem. Acad. N. S. Pialad. S. Pk. Soc. N. Gcrm. Hanov., Mubi., Illustrated withone thousand two hundred and forty one engravings. THIS is unquestionnbly the most popular work ! of the kind ever published, and a book most admiiably adapted to the wanls ofall classes ofihe community. The followineare ihe important objecls which the leained author eüdeavors to . complish; lst. To instruct the Manufactuier, i gist. and Trndesman in the principies of their respective processes. as to render thom, in reality, the mastere of their business: and, to emancípate the m from a state of bondage to such asare too commonly governod by blind prejudice and a vicious routine. 2dly. To aflbrd Merchants. Brokers, Drysalters Druggists, and ofTicers of the Revenue. characterisiic descriptions of the commodities which pass tnrough their hands. 3d!y. By exhibiting some of the finest dovelopments of Chemistry and Physics, 10 hiy open an excellent practical school to Studcnts of these kindred scienecs. 4thly. To teacli Capitalista, who may be desirous of placing their funds in some productive branch of industry, to select, judiciously, among plausible cluinmnls. 5thly. To enable gentlemen of the Law to become well acquainted with t'ne nature of thoso patent schemes which are so frpt to give rise to lit T' gaiion.bthly. To present to Legislntors such a clenr cxpoition of ihe stnple manufactures, as may dissuade them from enacting lasvs which obstruct industry, or chcrish onc branch of it, tu the injury of many others. And las-ly, to give the general reader, intent, cïiieily on Intellectual Cultivation. views of many of the noblest achievemenis of Scicncc, in effecting tliose grand iransforinations of matter to which Grcat Britian and the United Stntcsowe their permanent wealth, rank and power aniong the nationsof the eaxth. The latest Statistics of every important object of Manufacture are given from the best, and usually, from official authority. at the end of eaH article. The work wül be prnted from the 2d London Edition. which sclls for $!2acopy. It wtU be put on good pnper. in new brevier type, and will make about 1400 8vo. pnges. It will be issued in twenty-one senii-mo:;hly numbers, in covers, at 25 cents each pnyable on delivery. iïZT To any person, sending us five dollnrs, at one time, in advance, we will forward the mimjcrs by mail, post paid, as soon as they come from the prefs. To suitable Agenls. thisaffords a rare opportuuUy, as we can put the work to them on terms oxtraordinarily favorable. In every manuiacturing town, and every village. throughout the United States and Canada, subscriburs may be obtained with thegreatest facility. Address, post paid. La Roy Sunderland, 126 Fulton street, New York. % To every editwr who tri ves thisadvertisement entirc 12 inseriions. we will forwnrd, to order, one copy of the whole work, providcd tbc Dapers containing this notice be sent to the New York Watchman, New York. I&w31


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