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TAILORING BUSINESS ! AM. NOBLE, would respectfully inform the cmzens of Ann Arbor and itsvicinity thnt he has opened a shop in the Lower Town. iurredmtely over tho late mercantile siano -f Lund & Gibson. and opposite the s:ore oí' J. Beckley & Co., wharc hc is propared at all limes to do work in hts line, with promptness, and in a ueat and (lur.'ible manncr. Particular a'tention willbe paid to cutting garinents. Produce will be taken at the usuai pri ces, for work done at his shop. These who have cash to pay for services of thts kind, are particularly invited to cnll. Ann Arbor. April 27. 1842. tf TO PHYSICIANS "AND COUNTRY" MERCHANTS. THE subscriber invites theattention of Phy eicians and Country Merchants, to bis present stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paintg, üils, Dye Stuffs, Varnisb, Brushos, &tc. &c. comprising one of the largest and fullest assortinents brmight '.o the country. Iu his present stock wiJl be f'ound : 100 oz Sulph. Qtiinine, superior French and F.nglisb, 20 oz. Sulph. Morphia, 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpenter's Witherill's Extract of Bark, 1 bbl. Powdered Rhubarb, 1 Chest Rhubarb Root, 1 bbl. Powdered Jalap, 50 lbs. Calóme!, ' 3 casks Epsom Salts, 15casksFall and Winter strained Sperm Oil, 40 boxes Sperm Candles, 2000 ibs. White Lead, dry and grnund, 4caskLinseed Oi!, Dentists Instrwienls and Stock Gold, Silver and Tin Foil Platina Ware, Porcelain Teelh. A j_rPneral a-sortinmi. of Patent Medicinas, all of w hich wil! be ;old on the most rensonable terms. PIERRE TELLER. 1S9 Jefièrson Avenue, sign of the Gilt March IS. Mortar, Detroit. HOLMAN 'S THIS Oi.viMK.NT stands at the head of all reïiicdits lor thé tullowirig disensos which nature is heir too, vi?.:- RH CUMATÍSM liotli Chronic and infinmitory - Gout' - Sprains - Biuise8 and contracted TENDONS oí Jong standing. It discusses all tumours- renders stiff joints hmber by producing a heahhy muscular actíon. Jt. assuages pains in Boils and Abcksses. - JNToiliing nqu;i!s it in swcüed and inflamcd Breasts in Feniales, f npplic'd in early stnge, prevenís supperaiion or matter forming, and gives in all cases immediate case Trom pain. Certificates of this fact could be given ïf neecssary. This remedy is offered to the Public with the full assurance that it far excel8 the Oiiodelcloc's and Linitnents of the piesent day, for the above diseasos. A trial is only wanted, to givc it the decided preference to every thing else. Many Physcians ot eminenco have used this ointment and extols its merits. n9 The abovc oindnent is for sale wholesale and ratail by L. BECKLEY. Ann Arbor, (lower town) June Ióth, 1842 9 DR. BANISTEP'S CATKAB.TSC PIZ.X.STHIS piil has not only been used by myself, but by a number of Physicians of high standing, both in ;his and other States, to great advantage. By the frequent and repeated soliciiations of my frrends, I have consented to offer them lo the public ae a tnost elücacious remedy for all thoso billious diseasees originating in a new country. The above pill is for sale wholesale and retail by L. BECKLEY. Ann Aibor, (lower town) Jutie 15th 1642. 9 DR. BAiMSTER'S CELEHRATED FEVER AGÜE P1LLS-- Purdij Vegetable A safe, speedy. and sure remedy lor fever and ague, dum at-ue. chili fever, and me bilious dis cuses peculiar to new countries. Theee pills are designed for the nffectións of the liver and other intemal organs wliich attend the diseases of the new and miaematic portions of our country. The propiietor hnving iried them in a grcat variety of cases coniidently bclieves that they are superior to any remedy that has ever been offered to the public for the above diseases. It is purely Vegetable and peifectly harmless, and can be taken by any person, male or leniale with perfect safety. The pills are prepared in two separate boxee, markcd No. 1 and JSo. 2. and acccompanicd witli full direction8. A grc-fit number of certificates might be procured in favor of this medicine, but the proprieter as thought fit not to insert them, in as much as ie depends upon the merils of the same for ita reputadun. The above pill is kept constantly on hand by he proprieter and can be had at wholesnlo and totnil at the store of Beckley & Co. Orders from the country promptly attended to. Ann Arbor. (lower town) Mny29th 1842. 9 L. BECKLEY.


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