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Poetry: Lessons Of Nature

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Heard yc the whispcr of the breeze AsTsoft it murmured by, Amid the shadöwy forest trees? It tells, mith meaning sigh, Of the bowers ol bliss on that viewlcss shore, Whcrc the weary spirit shall sin no nïore. WÍíile swect and low in crystal streams, Tliat glitter in the shade, The music ofan angcl'sdrcams On bubbling kcys are played; A nd the echoes breathe with a mystic tone, Of that home where the lovcd and the lost are gone. And when atevcning's 6ÍIe)H hour We stand on Ocean's shore And feel the soul-subduing power Of its mystcrious roar, Thcrc's o dcep voice comes Í; om its pcarly caves Of tliat land of peace which no occan laves. And whüe the shadowy veil of night Slecps on tho mountain side, And brilliants of unfathonicd light Begem the concave vvide, There's u spell, a power, of harmonioua Iüvc, That is beckoning.mute to the realms abovo. And carth in all her temples wild, Of mountain, rock, and dolí, Speaks with maternal accents mild, Our doubting fcars to qitel!, Of anothcr shore and a brightor sphere, Whcrc we haste on the wings of cach flying ycar On nature's bnght and pictured scroll Of spcaking lap.gungc aee A pantomine - he se-isona roll, Of glorious imagery, That reveal a Ufa 'm this lading clay, That shall wake ngain to a brifíh:cr dav. .