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- A fricnd in tlie interior ofindiana has givcn us an account of an operation iii that qtiarter, which shows that some things can bo done as well as othcrs, wliera onterprize, industry and pcrsevercnce arq brouglit to bear. '-Our oíd acquaintance, J , failcd in Lowoll, Mass., thrco years sincoj and gave up all lúa property. As ho was known to bo a man of iiitöffï'rty anddustnous habit?, his crcr]tors loaued him a small snm with which to begin the world anew at ihe West. Ho invcstel tl sum in Lowell calicóes, brought them to the interior of this State wlicre he sold t hem at 100 percent, profir, taking in payment Slippcry Elm bark, dried, at 3 cents per lb., whicli he had pulverised in a commoii horse mili, nnd took with him to Boston, where he sold his whole adventure at twenty cents per Tliis cnabled him to enlardo bis ojwrations, and lasl year he cleared f 3,000 in the tnisi having previously contracted, et vanóos astern cities for largc quantities of Sli Elm bark, Ginseng, Yellow Root, Beeswax, &-C, at prices which nfforded liim largo profit. He has now seven tons of the formcr articlo ready for shipment to the East. At 3 cents por Ib. individuáis in this quartcr, whero tho tree abounds, can malee bctweon one and two dollars a day in prathering and dry ing ihe


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