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People Of Color

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Undér the provisions of the constitution of my own nativo Conimomvc.ilih, color is not iho stmdard y which it isjudged whether a human bcing possesses the ripihtaofinaii. 1 havo consiituents as black ns Kthiopians, and ns respeelablc asanyl have. My friend and cojicagüp who lately sat bcliind me, and who has to my great eorrpw resigned his soat, [Mr. Winthrop,] ha.i hund.cdsoi African ncgrocs for his constituents; and he depended upon their voica, as ho did upoñ h3 wlúto constituent. Throughout the Commonwawlth of Massacluisctts thcro is no distinciion of cotöt for the er.joyment of equal rights. Colored men are capabte of being electod to the State Logislaturc; andone was elected from onc of their towns, though the clection waa afterwards vacatcd. I am claiming for the citixens of Aloxandria nothing more titan is accorded lo their race in my nativa Commonwealth; and I hope to havo the support oí all my own colleagues, at least, in the lirst place to obtain the ycas and nnys, and then to support the amendmeni which will j)lacc colored citizens in Alexandria on the saino footing with our own consiitution.


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