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Fugitive Slaves

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We have received a lef ter from a gentleman who fomerly resided in tiiie city, and ïs now a citizen of a town in the interior ofOhio, front wiiich we make the follou-ing extract. It shows conclusively two things, at least; that claves aro a very uncertain kind of' properly, and that a state of liberty is always prcierablc to a state of slavery. "I was callecl, a short time since, nt midnight, (o give shelter to a poor fugitivo. Think you I did it grudgingly? I have saved a drowning man from the Watory grave, but neverj in nny act of my 1 f i, is my soul so ovcijjyed ui when I can pull the poor slave froni the heil of slavery. - Oh, what a tale he told! He obeycd Gerrit Stniili'í) iiistrL-jiion to the letter. He rode upon his tuaster's liorse all the way for liis life, with the prayer upon his üps, 'God bless massa.' Ho was a noble looking fullow, and was as honest in taking a horse to aid hiin in his escape, as I should be to take a boat, without leavc, to savo a drownirjg friend. "Also, nbout thesamC time, I had the plcaa uro to flor ve another, a girl abont 13 years of age. And another from N. O., who, just bcforo landing at Cincinnati, overhead imjuires made of tlic captain respecti riglhim. Iletook :o theyawlboat-it bcing night-and escoped thu hands of tlio i'owlcr."Yestcrday, lwo more camc in to breathc.and to share in our sympathie?; On," of them zeas the last of LiBcnlij,frrvi aplantatlon, who had escapcd to the land of the free. Oh! these caa teil you wliat siavery is, and draw from your eyea all the niiosture in your body. "Thcrc are two men ijerc as white and as good looking as yoursclf. (and tiiat, your modesty will nllow, is not saytng mach,) who recenüy wero fugilives from slavciy. Could you hear tlicni teil over the wronge bat liave been dono them - teil what siavery is doiug, your heart would vnrilv burst with anirrtish- vour body


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