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The General Association of Massachusetts last year appointed a Committce of live to correspond wiih eecleaiastical bodies in the slave States on slavery. A circular was sent to about thiriy Presbyteries, asking their advice as to the bes' mode of operatlon to be adopted at the North in order to remove the evils of slavery from the country. v A circular sentto Milton, S. C, wasreturned, with the information ihat all simil;ir connnunications wouid be treatcd in the same manner. One Presbytery in Tennessee returned a respeciful answer, expressing the opinión that no good couid arisc from stich coirespondonce.A Presbytery in Mississippi replied that the subject was one which did not como within the urisdiction of ecclesiastical bodics. and no action could be taken on it. The Presbytery of South Alabama, say, "We exhort you h let it alone, as all hitherto done, has bepn evil and only evil continually." The igitation at the North had hid a bad effect on the white population, and rendered the condition oí" ;lie slaves more grievous. No negro is permit ted to talk or read. except in the presenco of five slavcholders. The Transylvania Presbytery, Ky., say they ore not agreed among theirselves,and recommend tbat whatcver is done, be done in the spirit of love. The West Tennesee Presbytery acknowledge thè evils ofelavery, but contend they are political, over which ecclesiastical bodies have no control. They sny: We takc the course of our Master and bis npostles on this subject. The evils of slave.y exisied in thcir day. in their most revoltin lorms. and yet they did not devote their chiëfottention to the subject of immediate ubolnion - 1 hey prenched the blessed gospel, which. in its influence. is designed to remove every evil.' We are persuaded that noihing but physical torce could separate man) of the slaves f rom their masters. Vast numbers of them are lar better off than if ihpy were free. We wish. in all sin cority. that you would come among us. and preach the gospel to our slaves. We can insure you open doors, and a cordial recepíion. We know not a chnrch where provisión is no; made for the instruction ot slaves. Oui churches are open to yu' l me then' brelhrer'! nd help us. We have watched wiih carefulness, the influence upon ns here, of discussion at the North and n has been bad, only bad. You adopt resolutions, and make speeches against the South, but you send no man to labor among us. Yoü might ns wel! expect that such kind of action would conven the entire heathen world, as to efect the removal of slavery."Tho Kingston P.esbytery, Tenn., agrec thai theministry are concerned in the eubject of slavery, and they considor t an evil, but one which cannot be understood except by those on the ground with them. In Eastern Tenneasee, kw slaveholders defend the nstitution. It may bo romorked concerning these replies, that while they difler in other respecta, ihey nre almost unanimous in presenting the same request to the Eastern Christians that tho devils preaented to the Son of God--JLET vs alonï!"


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