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A Large Anti-slavery Convention Was Held At Cazenovia, N. Y...

A Large Anti-slavery Convention Was Held At Cazenovia, N. Y... image
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OA large Anti-slavery Convention was held at Cnzenovia. N. Y., on iho 6th and 7th July. - Frorn 2000 to 2500 persons were present on the second day. Among tlie distinguiehed persons present was Abby Kelly, from Boston, the "fair Quakeress." She addressed the eonvention on different topics, nnd among other things she said the liberty pnriy was the 'diriicst' of the three politica] parties; whereat the pro-slavery pnrtizans of Cazenovia gave great applause. Thus. the pro-s!avcry folks being judges, thoso who opposc the liberty party, ara strengthening the slavery partiee. The convention expiesscd their view of of Abby Kolly's sentiment in the following res-' olutions. Whereas, therc is a small class of professed aboütionists, who recommendto us, ihat we drop our independent politica! organization, and emp!oy ourselve9 in holding the balance between the pro slavery political parties: Resolved, therefor?, That wc scornfuüy íling bock to thoso. who recommend it to us. the degradipíf a:d dirty work of balancine bètWeeb unprincipleJ and infnmojs parties; and that. leavinur it to such as relish it. to act tlie character of Swiss mercennries and fight the baldes of parties. thnt wjíl pay best, we will continue, '.'without pricc." oer independent and clean contest for truth and righteousiness. Resolved, That he who shruiks from connecting liiinöelf with the Liberty Pnrty becnii3C it is a tfíinétíty necüs to bc ?eminded that God bclonijs to that pnrty, and that He is in Himsdf an infinite mnjority. Whereas many pro-slavciy vo?crs sny: "Do not rlrt;z the snered cause of abolition into politics:" Resolved, tlierefore, that our to these hypocrites is: '-This cause moves with such a spontaneous swiftness in that direction so as to save usfroni the labor of dragghig it into politics."


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