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Straining At A Gnat

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- The old schoolferian General Assembly were oceupied severa! days wiih tha proceedings against a clergymen of the nam e of McQueen, of the Fayetteville. N. C. Presbytery, for the crime (!) of marrying the sister of Iiis deceased wife. He was found guilty of incest by an overwlielming vote. ín what the criminaliiy of the net consists, most pcople aio at a loss to understand. At the s.ime session nn attempt was made to bring up for consideratlon the case of the thousands of members of thcir churches who are slaves, smid who live all their livesin coniinuedadultery, under the sanction of that body: but not an hour coald be had for the considoration of their condition, while dnys wcre consumed on the case of McQueen,- We ehnrl make no cotnmenis on these facts.- 'By their fruiis ye shail know theni.' ETCcrtain persons in New England of the name of Bcnch, Foster, and Rogers, havs oflate been accustomed Lo enter the churchetf of different denominations, and interrúpt the public services by holding forth on or Abolition or Priestcraft, oranyother topic respecting which thoy may conceive the hearers to be n fault. In several cases, they have been ejected by the congregation, or by pólice ofneers. and then they complain of persecution. It appears they vieited a Quaker meeting house in Lynn. and the Quakers, after waiting till their patience was exhausted, attempted to put thém oüt, but riot suceceding, Foster mounied the "high eeat," which was cushioned, and called oüt to them. as he walked to and fro beforc their eyes, to witness bow he trampled on their high placea. ílow uniovely and unchris:ian are all such exhibitions! - 'Charity doth not behaVe itself unseemly.' Fuster'8 deportment was but a repetition ofthat o Diogenes,who exclaimed na he 3trodc cooiemptaously ovr Tlato's rich carpet, ;I trample on the pride of Plato!" "Yes," said the philosopher. ' "but with greater uride." 'EPIn reference to iugitives from service or labor escaping into the free States, it is to be borne in mind, that accordirgto the laie decisión of ihe Supreme Court, no person lias any right to molest, hinder or apprehend ihem, except theowner or his accrcditcd agent. Any other person may be lawfully resisted. No person is obliged to help the master, and if the s!ave be the strongrst, he must secure him the best wny he can. The Globe of June 27, containsan ofler of a thousnnd dollars for the delivery of six runaways who left Mnryland for Fennsylvania. They werc apprehended at Harrisbu g. bm as the cnpturer could not prove that he was either agent or owncr, the magistrale set them at liberty, and they departed for Canada. The law will opérate against the slavc-hunters in some respecta, the best way they can fix it.


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