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Methodist Protestant Conference

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This body of Christinns and Chrisiian Ministers have but recenilj? had nn orgoniz-ition in this State. Although small theynreon the increaae. and as will bc seen by ihe resoJmions on another page, passed at the recent aession of their conference - that they take e.xnltcd ground with re'"erence to the subjecta of slavery and intemperance. It is very consoling to ihe friends of humnnity and equal rigiits to sec occasionn! outliursts of lundness and aympathy for the poorslave among the lovers of Christ, especial ly as the great majority of professing Chirstians. in this country, are disposed to treat the sul.jct of emancipation with utter contempr. We hope our brethren of the M. P. Churcli will be inflexible in their opposition to si in the cliurch ond out of the church- in high places and low places, and tnay the Lord send tiiem ibundant success. EFThe Marshall Statcsman, which isa very respectabfe Whig pnper, an article on the Presidency, in which the edilor says of Mr. Clay: ;fiis duelling heretofore. and his action on, and support of, the Compromiso laws. hie formar masonry, and his pro-s!avery principies may be ü.rgod agninst him." One would tlrink all these' charges might have some weigbt; but in the mind of the Editor theyseem to bc as the dust of the balance: for he adds immetüately of. ter: "líe is, however, a great stntesmnn, a íirm patriot, a Consistent poíiticiiin. and an hor.est man- ICTin EVEKY respect, just seca nPresident as these United States require in these embariassing times." It seems. then. that the present embarrnssments req-.ire the President to be a ducllist, free mas:n, a slaveholdcr, and nu advocate o eiernal slnvery. We take Iave lo enter our dis sent to such a position. We tliink the Editor, on examination, will qua-lify rt in gome respecta.


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