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Abolition Nominations

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- Tie t):ilvican Citizen of Alb.-mv, N. Y. an aholïfion paper, has nominarcd Henry Clay of Kentnckv. for President, and Lot her Bradkh, an aboliHoniet ofN. Y. for Vice Preíidrní. The fnends of Mr. Clny must feel highly honored b'y this acqüitïon to tfaëir ranks. We venturo to sny hdwëVor, that it wil] pot go down w.lh thf? more honost portion of the whiffs here.-Centrevi'lc Dcmocrat. We aiso venture to say that such a nomination would no go down at all vvith the aboiitionists. The Deniocrat is in error in its premises. The American Ciüzan is an a'iolition paper published wcek.'y in Rochester, that goes for Birnoy and Morris, jnst as it shoulddo. The Daihj Amencan Cirizen is a rank Clay paper. No abolilion paper will nomínate Mr. Clov for President.ftJTIiere is a vacancy n the ninth Conpressional district of-Maesachusetle, occasioned by the dealh ot Mr. Hastings. The Detroit Advertiser says: "Mr. Goodrich has been nominated by the whigs to succued Mr. Hastingrs, in Congress, from the Norfolk district. He wil) probably be elected, unless the abolitionists make too large a división. They have nominated William Jackscn, a very ffood man, barring his abolif.onism. He was formerly a representaüe from Hint district, havingr defealed Gen. H. A. S. Dearborne, in anti-Masonic times. He belonged, in forrner days,to the old fpderal school of politics, but is a man of talent and liberal views." So Mr. Jackson is a man of talent and liberal' views, and a vcy good man, but cannot receive whig supporl because he is an abolitionist, and believes in equ;il and exact justice to all men! That bar fences him out from the whigs. Stick a pin there!


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