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" Trhe registered electo rs in Great Britom anc lrcland number 812,916, while the nd uit mak populaiion amounts to 5812,276. The vote rs givcnzi.ïi?cfe.and not by ballot, honce tenants dnre not voic to displeaso their land lords. Oi the G58 members of Parliament, a majority are clected by 158.870 elcctors, or an average of 480 to each member. Henee a majority of Parlia ment representa one thirty fifth of the adult male populaiion. f Voling.- In evcry State in the Union one yenr's residence is the tent rquired to make a voter. except in Pennsylvnnia and Kcntucky. vhere there must be iwo year's rcsulonce. Tho time of residence reqnired in ril the States 'k oiic year. with the foHwing exerptions: Alaine is three inónths; New Hampshire, legal snhnbitnncy: South Carolina, Georgia, Tonnessec, IlIinoÍ5,Mich'írnn, and Aïk aneas, six months; Tennsyhania and Kciitucky. two years. Tlie Per.plc's Constitution ai llhode Wand, provides ftr one year's residrnce; the Assembly jpropose threc years.- 'Bost. Post. A Charleston jmirnal notices the denth of a slave by Üphtning - givea the name of her mnsler. hut not of the victim. The question with thcee pentlcmon is. 'who is the loser?- nnt 'who is lost? Important Jlnno-iinccmcnt.--rThe Freeman's Journal of last Saturday, the orgnn of Bishop Hughes and the Roman Cathclics of this rity, annotinces officmlly that "iwo New Saints ai e to be added io the Calendar." T!ie reaeons übsigned for honor conlerred upon two dead men re their "heroic virtues prnctiscd dunnf liicir mortal caraer: nnd the hjraclks which it has pleuted Almighiy G.)d to perform ihrough their iniercesfion af Ier denth." The "sacred CongregMion of Rites" "decided tbat the reputation of virïue. aiid miracLs had been constant" m the c&sc of b'olh the propoBed individuals, and the Popé, Gregory XVI, ajiproved the decisión and the riamês of La Sade aud Pompilivs Maria de Deo are canonized, nd ou'r Püpal readers (if we huve any,; will direct their suwplicationa accordmgly - JV. Y. Obs. 1 he-following table, compiled from the New York Aurora, shows tho total nutnber of mombers by tho different ratios since tiie adoption oi ihe constitution:- Ntioarjc Daily Adv. v..„= urxa Fix'd bv the consmution,(ij mqmbersA few days ago a fugitive 'negro stole a horse from the stable oí Capt. Minor, of Naichc-z. and made his escape. Aa he wns riding at iull speed, n flash of lightning struck. him, and tijiped hini cffhshorse, and killed him on the spot. The horse lurned and went qúietly back to his síable. oís of liitle. ones. - It is 6a id the Sabbath school children raustered 8,000 sirong on Boston Common on the morüing of ihe fourth! Tliey hod ovpr 2,000 baskets fillea with flow ers, and marched in possession, after wliich the flowers were offered for sale and quickly broughtabout$1200. ffltiskey.- -The sales of this demon in the New York market during the last six inontii?, have averged fifteen thousand gallons a riay. Thw is but about one ttürd Ies3 than the sales two years 8go. Wo suppose the din.intuiun is alinost wholly (rom the drinkers, as the consumption in the arts is probably as great as ever, if not grraterr Therè ia however too nmch drinking, even yet. Cheap Travelling. - The fa re from New York to Boston has been roduced to $2 25 - to Providente, $1 50, and to Newport $1. - The Hartford boat vas lor 50 ets. ARrceiptin Part. - In the last Milten, N. C Chronicle, Edward A. Callaham gives the foüowing singular noticc. Callaham must bean honest fellow: " June 27, 1842. - Receivarl from the Sheriff of Pe.irson county, N. C, 39 lashe.s, in part of a debt due me from the commonwealth, (for bigamy,) lo be paid in Uvo other annual instahnents.'1 fXAn impression has gone abroad, particularly in the country, that the exnense undei theBankrüpt Law, amounts lo a large sum; so laroe, as to deter many from taking the benefit of the act. The total amouni of expenses for ench applicant is but L6 67, of which $12 86 ai e paid for the advertisements. So says a New York paper.OQrThe bilí abolisliing imprisonment for debl in Pennslvania, bas been signed by the governor, and is now the law of that commonwealth. A Soldicr'a Erpzrizncc. - Almond Smith, a Boldier of' the Dorr party in Rhodelaland, having been taken prsoner, gave the following account of himsell to the Commissioncrs: lSycars, works in mili; went to Cliepatchnt; was advised to po by Sarah and the rcsi o' thé girls; hated to hang back for feur they would laugh at me; mother knew I was out; she let me go because I wanted to; I expected lo be made a heroof; searched (or gli-ry - conld'nt find any; don't think Í should have plucked up and pone to the camp, had u not been lor the gals: they made me feel gritty. The aggregato debt ofPennsylvar.ia is reckond in round numbsrs at forty millions of dollars.Incapacity rfWitnssses. - Lord Chief Justice Denman has biought a lill ino parliament for removing ïhe ineapucity of wiinesses. He proposesthat no witncss shall be incnpncitated on account of either interest or crime, it being left to thfe tribunal to make the fitting deduction from hls credibility. OTT Tlie number of the United Stntes pensioner8, accordin; to the census of Í840. was 20;i81. The New York and Erie Roilrond s advertised to be sóld on the ]st of December, for the poymeni of interest due upon the State Loan of $3, 000,000. TWere is mucli excitement in th Southrn tier of counties of that State, respecng this piopo3edsile. fXThe population of Milwaukie village, 8 2,87t,and of the county, 10,411. The population of the territory is etimated at about 45,000. The eastern or agrnculuiral part in - creases faster than the western or mineral part.Jl great Load.- An Alb;ny paper states that a train, wiih 200 tons, passed from Greenbush to Boston, the principal item of the load being 2,667 barrels of flour from the Eñe canal. ftWe learn, from the Free Press, that the comissioners intend to be preparad to take 1,000 barrels of flour per day, over the cpiitral railroad, from Jackson to Detroit. The immense erop wbich will be gathered, if nothing unfavorable occiirs before the harvest. w'i.l roquire unusual facdilies for transportaron. - Tlie travel we should think, had been light of' fote.--Jldv. flecharles F. Mitchell is sentenced to three years imprisonment. Electoral Voles. - The number of elector6 Proside t and Vice President rmder the apportioninent wil! be 275, (instead of 294 as in 1840,) of which 138 will be necessary for a choice. QIt is expected that tlie Buffalo and Atlica railroad will be completed by tho lOth of September. The lengt h is SOJ milcp, and the estimated co?t ia $228,611, or about $7,900 a mile: This rond will form the last link of the iron chatn connecling Buftalo and Boston. About two thiïJs of the prisoners in Rlioie island who have been examincd havo been discharged. The New York Plébeton w ys: ';It is rumored thnt some jf the souihern members of Congress are bêginrting to advocate the principie of direct taxa t ion, to defray the expenses of the general goveinniciu." Itadd8: i;Ve must not be underBtood as standinp oppoaite toa system of direoi taxation - ite establishment in thrs country would. we thinkt be productivo of the niosl saluutnry effect."' QZTTlic Det. Adverliscr remaiko concerning the sentence d Mitchell to threo ycars irnprisonment: - "Sometliing is said, about his niother. and considerntionc for them, may have softeiied the rigors of the law. But humble men. have mothers and families, 'too; and vet, lf Mitchell had been a ragged rascal. his term. wc suspect, woulrl have been ten or fifieen years at least."Thciciajt) do ü.- Day & Martin have acquired a princcly fortune by their blacking. One rnethod they adopted of giving celebrity to ihe aiticle, was to establish a de:nand. To nccomplieh this, they sent all over Great' Biitani more than five hundred men, whose duty it wat to vieit towns. and inquire at nll the various storea and hotels for Day & Martin's celebrated blacking. Pcople vvere astonished at the inquiry, and. consequenily. supplied themselves wih the nrticle. In thia way a demand was created. and the supply vvhich foüowed. enriched those blacking-makers.umü they have become amongst the most opulent men in the c pire.


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