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Price of' Wheit in Ann Arboi 75 cents per Imshrl. Flour do. $5 per barrd. Detroit Mnrkct, Jt% 21. - Flour. - Our Flour market hns been lively for a day or two, among hc Retaibrs. About CO) barrels came in by railroads and wagons, and caused some linie strifc among the Grocers - their stock on hand being üght. Prices ranged froin 5 to $5,31. The Cincinnati Post speaks of tho failurc of some ffiyof the htaviest houses in Louisville. The banking houseof Bennist Sc Co., got out o f specie, and the Perpetual Insurance company b!owed out about the sime time, which caused a tremendoas run. The bank of Missouri hasserved a writ of in junction on perfons oVing money to the Shawneetown baiik.The convention of Virginia Laliks have resolved unani'nously lo resumé specie payments on the 15th of September next. ICFVVc congratúlate the farmers of our State, as they are ga'.hering in a bountiful erop, upon the iniprovement of the currency during the past ycar. The banks kast able to meet their liabilities have no. survived the pressure of the times: whilc those whicii are solvent are gaiuing every day irt the confidence of business mtin. The rales of exchange have been continually lessening for some time, and it will be S3en by our Bank note list. that nearly every Bank in New England can be exchanged in New York for half ofone percent,or less. The banks of the State of New York aré generally exchanged in the city for less than one per cent. Michigan wheat will command the best of futida; and if the holdi ders do not obtain such, it wül be their own faulr. The great scarcity of the circulating medium, for sortie nionths past !ias rendered it very dïfficult for the farmers to pay even very small debts; but the extensivo sules of whea'j wliich will take placo before the close of novigation will ronder them more easy in their circumstanes, and greatly lessen the embarrassments in ransacting business.The Buffiila Advcrtiser Bays that an effort ia now making, and it is believed on a öolid basis for resuscitating the OaklanJ County Baak, at Pontiac, Mich.


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