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Resolutions Of The Methodist Protestant Conference Of Michig...

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Whernns. the spirit of alcohol is direct!} oppuscd to tlic enint of our Saviour - and whércas the cause of tcniperance istbe cause of God - andonc in which we cieeply sympathize - therciore, Resolved, That as a conference we will givc our approlation and hearty co-operat;on in support of thie good and holy cause. Resolved, That in our opinión evcry fricnd oí Christ shoul'd end nis uecided influenco in favor of the cause of temperance. Resolved, That whnreas it is extremely didïcult to obtain wine free from alcohol for sacramental occasions, that we will make our own for that urpose. Wlioreas. the General Conference of the' M. P. Churcli has left to each Annual Conference the power to muke laws for its colored nienibers and the right to discass th-e quesiion of slavery and thereby niaking thein responsible lor the hei nous and vilest systcm that ever saw the sun: therefore,Resolved, that the coloree! members within the bounds of this Conference be nnd are hereby admitted to all the privileges granted to the white members of the church. Resolved, That in the judgment of this conference, slavery as it exists in thisbonsted londof civil and religious ircodom, is amoral evil, contr'.ry to the laws of God and the rights of man. under all circumstances and conditions, and should be immediately and unconditbnally abolished. Resolved, That as we deeply deplore the degradcd condition of the poor slavc, wc will being n our conslitutional eflbrts for his cmirc einanci pation. Resolvsd, That we cannot fellowship nny minister orlayman who hoHs'Or will uphold the vile systetn of manslealing. Si'ncd by and in behalf the Conference.


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