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The subscribo; informs tJie members of Anti-Slavery Societiei, and all persons who deeire to read the Slavery publicaüons that have issued from the American press, that lic has purchased all the books, pair.phlets, tracis, prints etc. lately belonging to ibe American Anti-Slavery Society, amounting to about eight thousand dollars, at oíd pricefi, whicfi he offers for sale by his agent in any quanlity, al lote prices for cash only. Samples will be kept at his office, cvrner of Hanover and Eycjiange strects, and orders will be promtly attended to. A catalogue of the principal publications isannexed, and the prices put ogainst tbem are the present (reduced) retail prices. By the hundred or Jarger quantity, Ihey will be sold lowei - say for bound volumes 25 per cent. discount : is partipïilets, tracts and piclv res, bO per cent. discount. With respect to most of them this . is below the actual cost to me in cash. They were not purchased with a view to sell at a porfit but to subserve the Anti-Slavery cause, Such an opportunity has not previously occurrnd to obtain Anti-Slaveiy publications at these reduced prices, and probably will not again. QEditors of newspapera are requested to copy this advertisement at length for thrce monthF,and their bilis will be paid in book?, etc. Please send a copy of the paper containinjr the advertisement. LEWIS TAPPAN. New Vork, March let, 1842.BOUND VOLUMES. American Siavcry as it is, muslin 50 Anti-Slavery Manual 20 .iots, by Pres. Beccher, of 111. Coll. 12mo. 25 Alton Trials 25 Slaverv Recorc?, vote. 1, 2 and 3 set 50 Appeal, by Mía, Child 37 1-2 Anti-Slavery Examiner, bound volg. 50 Beauties of Philanlhropy 33 1 3 Bournc's Picture of Slaverv 50 Uuxton on the Slave trade 50 Cabinet of Prcedom (Clarkson's history of the sTave trade,) volt. 1, 2 and 3 set 1,00 Chloe Spear 25 Channing on Siavcry 25 Duncan on Slavery 25 ian. in the W. I. by Thome and Kimball muslin 50 Do by do in boards with map 25 Enomies of Conslitution discoveieil 50 Fountain, plain binding, G4mo. 12 1-2 Gustavus Vassa 50 Grimke's Letters to Miss Beecher 37 1 2 Jay's Inquiry 37 1-2: Jay's View 50 Iright and Truth 20 Life of Granville Sharp 15 Mott's Biographical Sketches S7 1-2 Memoir of Rev. Lemuel Hanea 75 Do of Lovejoy G2 1-2 North Star, gilt edges 33 1 -S Pennsylvania Hall 75 Quarterly Anti-Slavery Magazine, 8vo. 1,00 Rañkirs' Letters, lCmo. 100 pp. 20 Hight and wrong in Boston 20 Star of Freedom, nmsün 12 1-2 Slavery - containing Declaration of Sentiments and Consiitution of the Amer. A. S. Society: Wesley's Thoughis on Slavery : Does the Bible sanction Slavery? Address to the Synod of Kentucky, JNarative of Amos Dresser, and Why work for the Slave? bound in one vol. 25 Slave's Friend, S2mo. vols. 1, 2 and 3 set 50 S ongs of the Pree 33 1-3 Thompsons Reception in Great Britain, 12mo. 20 Testimony of God against Slavery, 18mo. 20 Wheatly, Phillis Memoir of 25 West Indies, by Professor Hovey 50 West In dies, by Harvey and Sturge 75 Wesley's Thoughts on Slavery, in maslin, with portrait 12 l-LPAMPÍILETS. Seta A. S. Almanacs, froin 1836 to 1841 .---■ inclusive 37 1-2 Address to the Freo Pcople of Color 1 Ancient Landmurks 3 Apology for Abolitionists 3 American Slavery as It Is - the Testimony of a Thousancl Witnesscs 25 Address on Right of Petición 2 Address to Senators and Representatives of the freo States 1 Address on Slavery (Germán) 1 Address of Congregational Union of Scotland 1 Address of National Convention (Germán) 1 Ann. Rep. of N. Y. Coramittee of Vigilance 25 Do. of Mass. A. S. Society 12 1-2 Appeal to Women in the nominally free State3 6 1-4 Authentic Anecdotes on American Slavery 2 Address to the Chnrch of Jesús Christ, by the Evangelical Union A. S. Society, New York city. 4 Anti-Slavery Catechism, byMrs. Child 6 1-4 Adams', J. Q. Letters to his Constituents 4 Adams', J. Q. Speech on the Texas Question 12 1-2 Annual Reports of Am. A. S. Society, Sd, 4th, 5th and 6th 12 l-L Annual Reports of N . Y. city Ladies' A. S. Society S Appeal to the Christain Women of the South 3 Bible against Slavery 6 Collection of Valuable Documenta 6 1-' Birney's Letters to the Churches 2 Birney on Colonkation 2 Chattel Principie- a Summary of the , New Testament argument on Slavery, by Beriah Green 6 Chipman's Discourse S Channing's Letters to Clay I Condition of Free People of Color S Crandall, Reuben, Trial of 6 Dissertation on Servitude 12 1-2 Dckinson's Sermón S Does the Bible sanction Slavery? Dec. of Sent. and Constitution of the Am. A. S. Society 1 Discussion between Thompson and Breckinridge 25 Dresser's Narrativo S Extinguisher Extinguished S Elmore Correspondence 6; do in sheets 4to. 2 Emancipation in West Indies Thome and Kimball 12 1-2 Emancipation in West Indies in 1838 3 Freedom'a Dcfense 6 Garrison's Address at Broadway Tabernacle 6 Guardian Genius of the Federal Union 6 Geneious Planter g Giilett's Review ofBushnell's Discourse 6 Immediate, not Gradual Abolition 12-2 Jay's Thoughts on the Duty of the Episcopal Church 3 Libertys 8vo. 25; do; 12mo ID Morris's Speech in answer to Clay 3 Mahan's Rev. John B. Trial in Kenfucky 12 1-2 Mnrtyr Age in America, by Harriet Martineau 6 Moikrn Ex pedieney Considered 6 Power of Congrcss over the District of Columbia G 1-4 Plea for the Slave, N03. I, 2 and 3 S Proceedings of the Meeting1 to form Bioaday Tabernacle Anti-Slavery SocieLÍ 1 l'ro-káiavery 1 ituralCodetfKJti GRoper, Moses, Narrativo of a Fugitivo 1 Sla ye 12-2 Rights ofCüloredMen 12 1-2 Rugglesrs Antidote 6 ftiglit and Wrong in Boston 12 1-2 Slavcry Rhymes ö Slaie?6 Speech rn Congrcss fh 1333 3 Srnilh'a Gerritt Letter lo Jas. Sni}'lio 0 Do. Letter (o Uonry Clay C Slaveholding Invariably Siufu],'malum in se,:' C SoUthard'a Maatiál l Star of Frccdom '1 Sclimuckcr oml Smiíli'a Letters C Slavcholdcr's Prayer .1 SJavehoIding Weighed ;3 Slavery in America (London); do. (Germany) 3 The Martyr, by Beriah Green 6 Things for Norlhern Wen to do 3 Vicws of Colonization, by Rev. J. Notirse 4 Views of Slavery and Emancipation, by Miss Martineair G VVesleytfn Slavery Review flf War in Texas, by Benjamin Lundy (5 Why work for tho Slave 1 YVilson's Address on West India Emancipation . 4TRACTS. No. 1. St. DouiiHgo, No.'s.Caste, No. 3, Colonizntion, No. 4, Moral Condition of the Slavo, No.. 5, Wlmt is Abolition? No. 6,The Ten Coniniandmcnts, No.7 Danger and Safety, No. 8, Pro-Slavery Bible, No. 9, Prcjudicc against Color, No. 10, Northern Dealers in Slaves, No. 11, Slavery and Mis?ions No. 12, Dr. Nelson's Lecture on Sluvery. The above Ttacts are sold at 1 cent each. PRINTS, etc. [HtiStnilions of the Anti -Slavery Almanac for 1840 S The Etnancipated Family 25 Slave Market of America 3 Correspondence between O'Connel and Steven son 3 Do. do. Clay and Colhoun 12 1-2 Printer's Picture Gallery 2 Leiter paper, stamped with print of Lovejoy sheet 1 Do. with Kneeling Slave sheet 1 Prayer for Slaves, with Music, on cards 1-2 Polrait of Gefrit Smith 50 In addition, are the following, the proceeds of which will go into the Mendian fund. Argument of'Hon. J. Q. Adams in the case of the Amistad Africans 25 Argument of Roger S. Bahvin, Esq. do do % 12 1-2 ""ria 1 of the Capíives of the Amistad 6 Congressional Document relating to do. 6 'ortrait of Clinquez 100 Marcli 3d, 1842.


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