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TEMPERANCE HOTEL, BY HOBERT & TJEKlUiiüE. ( CORNER OF MICHIGAN AND WASHINGTON AVENUES, DETROIT.) THE nbovc House is plcasantly sifuatcd ncar the Central Itailroad Depot, and ia now undergoing thorough repairs. The rooms are pleasant, thü Bede and Bedding all new, and the Table will be supplied with the choicest ol the market, and the proprictors assure those who will favor them with their custom, that all pains shall be taken to makc their stay with them agrceablc. Faue, vcry low, and accommodation good. - Carriagcs to convoy passengers to and from the Hotel free of expense. Detroit, Apri!!7, 1842. FASHIONABLE H;its, Caps, &, Boimcts A GOOD assortinent at the New York, Ciiciip Store by D. D. WATERMAN. Arm Arbor, May 16th, 18-12.Threshing Machines. THE mulersigncd would inforin xhc public thai they continue to mmiulaciuro Housk Powr,Rs mul Thukshix? Machines, tvvo and a half tules frum the village of Ann Arbor, on the railrond. The Horse Power is a late invcntion by S. W. Fosler, and is decidcdly superior to nny othcr ever ofiercd to the public, as wiü appear by the statements of those who have uscil thcin during the lust year. It is light in wcight and small in uompass, being carricd togethor with the Thrcshcr, in a cominon waggph box, nnd drawn witb ease by two horses. lt isas hule liable to break, or get out of repnir, as any othcr llorsc Power, ind will work as easy and thrash ns much witll four horses a ttaohed to tas any othcr power with ftvi horses, as will appear lïom the recommendations below. New patterns have been made for the cast Iron, and additional weight and strength applicd wherever it had appcaved to bc necessary iroiii or.c year'suse of the machine. The subscribers deern it proper to state, that a number of horse powers wcre sold last year in the village of Ann Arbor which were believed by thé puichnscrs to bo those invented by S. VV. Foster. and that niest or all of them were either made ' matei ially ditTerent.or altcred belbrc sold, so as to be materially difTerent froni those made and sold by the subscribers. Such alterations bcing dccided'.y dctrimciua' to the utility of the machine. They have good reason to believc that every one of those rctiirned by the purchasers as unsatisfactor were of this class. They are not awarc that any Power that went Trom their shop, and was put in use, as they made it. has been condemncd or laid asideas a bad machine. All who wish to buy are invited to examine them and to enquire of those who have used them. - There will bc one for examinntion at N.'s, Dcxfer village and one at Martin Wii.lson's ,'o:h)use in Ditroit - both theae gentlemen being agents for the sale of them. The pricc will be $120 for a four horse power, with a threshing machine, with a stavc or wooden bar cylinder; and $130 fora horse power with a threshing machine with an iron bar cylinder. The attention of the reader is invitcd to tne folowinr recommendations. S. W. FOSTKR&CO.Scio. April 20. 1.842. REC OMMENDA TI ONS. This is to certify ihat wo have used one of S W. Foster's nowly invented Horse Powers for about fivc months. and threshcd with ït about 8J00 bushels, and bclieve it is constructed on etter piiacijjlrs than any other Horse Power. - One of the undersigned has ownedand usedcight different kinds of Horse Povvers,and we believethat f.nir horses will thrash as much with tliis Power as fu:c will with any oiher power with which we are acquainted. H. CASE. 'S. G. [VES. Scio, January, 12, 1842. Tnis is to inform the public that I have purchased, and liavc now in use, one of the Horse Powers recently invented by S W. Foster, made by S. VV. Foster, &Co., andbelieve itbe construct ed upon better principies, and requires less strength. of horses than any other power with whicli I am acquainted. A. WEEKS. Mount Clemens, Sept. 8, 1S41. This is to inform the pnblic that I have purchased one of the Horse Powers, recently invented by S. W. Foster, and usdit fora number of months, and believe it is the best power in use, working with less strength of horses than any other power with which I am acquainted, and being small in compass. is easily moved from one place to another. Í believe 4 horses will thresh as much with this power as 5 will with any other power. The plan and the working of this power have been univemlly approvodofby funnersfor whom I have thrashcd. E. S. SMITII. Scio, April 11, 1842.smut machines. The subscribers mako very good SMUT MACHINES which they will sell for $60. This machine was invented by ono of the subscribers, who has had many year's experience in the milling business. We invite those who wish to buy a 2ood machine for a fair price to buy of ns. It is vvorth ns muoh as most of the machines that cost from 150 to $300. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April, 18, 1842. Woolen WEanisfactory. The subscribors have recently put in operation a woollen manufactory for manufacturing woollen cloth by power looms, two and a half miles west from Ann Arbor village, on the railroad, wheie they wish to manufacture wool into clolh on slinres, or for pay by the yard, on reasonable terms. They have cmployed experienced workmen and feel confident that work will be wcll done. They therefore respectfully ask a share of public patronage, especially from those who are in favor of homk industry. Wool may be left at Scio village. S. W. FOSTER & Co. Scio, April 13, 3842.T O CLOTIIIERS. T" HE subscriber is just in receipt of a furthcr supply of Clothier's stock, consisting of MACHINE CARDS of tvsiy dcscripfmn; CLOTHIER'S JACKS. ATTINET WARP. CARD CLEÁNSERS and PICKERS, SHUTTLES. REEDS, KETTLES, SCREWS. PARSOISTS SHEÁRING MACHINE. ÈMERY, (crenj sizc,) TENTER HOOKS, PRÉSS PAPER, tögcthef xcitk a wel', selecfcd assorimint. ofDYE WOODS.aud DYE STUFFS of the very best gvowth and manufacturo. These goocís (coming ns thcy do direct from first hands) the subscriber is enablcd to sell lower than any other house west of New York, he therefore solicits the attemion of firms in the clothing business, to theexamination of his stock and p:ices bcfore going east or purchasing elsewhere. PIERRE TELLER, Wholesale and Retail Druggist, 139 Jefferson Avenue, signof the Gilt Mortar, Detroit. LUMBER constantly on hand and for sale by F. DENISON. June 10, 1842. tf WOOL. - F. Denison will buy any quantity of Wool, at fair prices, if delivered at his Store. June 10, 1842. tf ESTÁTE OF JACOB LAWTON DE CEASED.- Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned liave proved the last will and testament of Jacob Lawton, deceased, and have taken letters Tcstainentary thcreon, and have givcn bonds according to law. All persons irvdebted to said estáte are requested to makc payment without dolay, and all persons having claims against said estáte are requested to present the same to the subscribers, well authenticated, for payincnt. GEORGE E. LAWTON, DAVID T. M'COLLUM, Exccutors of the last will and Testament of Jacob Lawton. Datcd, Ann Arbor, May 7, 1S42. 3m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. THE subscriber has on hand and offers for sale at low ratcs, a largo and general as, sortment of Drugs and iMcdicincs, Paints, OilsVarnish, Dye StuiFs, fcc. &c, with evcry ;ir(iclo in the Drug and Paint line. Persons wish purchase any articlcs in the above lineare requested, beí'orc purcha3Íng elsewhcre. to cali at PIERRE TELLER'S, Wholesale and Retail Druggist 139, JeíTcrsou Avenue, sigu of the Gilt -Mortar, Detroit.


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