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Kiver Kaisin IMSTITÜTE . THIS lnstitution is locatcd in the town o Raisin, near the north bank of the beautiful river whose najne it bears, one mile east of the direct road from Tecumsehto Adrián. This eligiblc site has been selected for its quiet seclusion, the fertility and elevation of its soil, its pure and hfialthfulatmosphere, andpleasant scenery, Rooms. - Th'ere are now on the premisos suitble rooms for the accommodation of forty stndents; which are designed to bi occupied for private study and lodging. Other necessary building areprovided for recitations and boarding. EXPENSES. Tuition per Term of eleven weeks, $4.03 Board ic with 4 hours work cach week, 7,57 Room Rent, qq Incidental, 50 Total, 12.95 Therc will be an addiiional charge of one dollar for those pursuing the highor branches as Ehilosophy, Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy. &c. For Chcmistry, Latin, or Grcck an additiun of two dollars will be made. Scholars are expected toprovide themselves with what fiirnitirre they will need in their rooms, also, with lights. fueí, and washing - none will hcreaftcr board them selvcs. Bills to bc scttledin advance. The school is open to all applicants of éuitable age and moral character irrespective of complexión or condition. O7V, second term of this suvimcr toill commence Wcdncsiay July 20it. It is very desirablc that all who design to at tend the school, should be on the ground - have their bilis settled, and their rooms prepared, bcforc the first ciay of the Term. Any furtlicr infbrmationcan be obtained at the Institution, or by addressing, post paid. J. S. Dixo.v, Pirncipal, Raisin, Lenawec Co. Mich. Raisin, May 19th, 1842. nfi- 2m "ECONOMY IS VVEALTII." THE Suoscribers will pay pay two cents per pound in Goods of Paper for an qunntity of good clean SWINGLE TOW, dclivcicd at the Ann Arbor Paper Mili. JONES & OR3TSBY; Aim Arbor, April 27, 184ÍÍ. tfTHE M A G N È T . HPIJE Stibscriber proposes to publlBh a pcriodJL ical with the aliov c title, dcvoicd io th nvesiigaüon oí' Human Physiology, 1 hbj:-oio iy riivMcfiNoMY. PathccnümV, and Asthonomicai., and Human Maom t;sm. Haying made these ubjects nialtcis of serious and pnticnt ïnvestigaion for some time past, and considering tlic in■rcnsingattcniion whicli Imslatily btcn givcn to liem by the leurned. both in lliis cmntry and in Europc, il is bclicved that sucli a periodioal is cajled for, aml tliat it wiïl meet with Hhcral enourageftient froni the lovers of scicncc, in tliis and other countrics. One object of ihis work ivill bc to excile, nnd cnccur.-uic' a spirit of inquiry, and to assistin such investigations as may tend to scttlc the lowipg, among other simiíar. qncstiona. 1. Tliat evcry livina luing possesses a Mngnetcal Nature, which is governcd Ly laws peculiar to Magnética! forcee. 2. Th;:t the two Magnctic forcesarc the mcans of sensntion. and also, of voluntnry and involuntnry nintion. 3. That every Mental and FHysjcal orgnn, nnd every muscle. has its cone?ponding Magnotic polcs. 4. That the Mnnctic forces from the different orgnns terminatp in tbc face and neck, aml by mcans oí tlicm the various cxprcssi.ons of Fear, Hope, Lóvc, Angërj etc. are expressed in Üie countcnance. and the nmscles andlinibsarc made 'o obcy the human will. tlms laying the only truc & rational foundation for the science of Physiognoniv. and showing how it is, that the passions and (eelings are expressed' in the features of the face. 5. That these organs and thcir consecutivo polcs mny be excited, scparatcly, and thcir aetion inodilicd as the condnion of the patiënt mayjuirc. C. That tho Threnological organs nre not only ocalcd in groups. corresponJing with the ñamo oí theír action. hut most, il not all of tlicin exist in doublc pairs, and. one or more in triple or quadruplc pairs! For insiance, tiierc are two pairs of lndividuïlity, one taking cognizanco of t'hings and the othér of persons; - two of Eventuality, one pair laking cognizance of recent and the othor of nncient evenls; two of Comparison, one pair for ideas, and the oiher for things; two of Benevo[encc. one forgiying, and theother forpity; two of Vencration. one for the Dejty, and the other for man; two of Firmness. one rolaling to conscientiousne6S, aml the other for pnrseverance, etc, two of Seli Estecm, one for the Human Wili. and self-govcrnment, and the other for the government of oihers - two pairs for Fcar,two for Music, two for Place; and so of the organs ofConscicntiousness. Belief, Amativoness, Love of Approbation, Secretiveness, Acquisitiveness, etc. etc. AndI believe there are, at least, three pairs for language, one for mere words, connected by the Magnetic poles with Marvelousness, and giving a person the disposition to talk; one for proper names; and the other conncc'od by the Magnetic poles with Ideality, and Weight, for the commui.ication of ideas and intelligence, and giving weight and expression td ihe seniences.I am fully satisfice! of thc existence and location of the following organs. among'othcrs: viz: Joy, Gratitude, l'atriotism, Jcalousy. Mqdcsíy, Aversión. Discontcntmcnl, Smell, Taste. Pity. Regularity, Cheerfuincs.s.Wecping, Contentmcnt. Method, Retribution, Wit. as distinguished from Mirthfulness; Melod'y as distinguishetl í'romflarmony, etc. etc, 7. That the Mngnctic forces, from the different organs. have a peculiar connection vvuh each other, by íncans of which they influence and excite each other to united action. 8. That the poles in the face are loented in corresponce with the different groups of Phrenological organs 9. That the iunctions of somc of the organs are in opposition to each other. As, for instanco, one organ is for Joy, another fot Sadness; one for Love, another for Aversión; one for Government, anbther for Submission; one for Forgiveness, another for Retribution; one for Patience, another for Complaining; one for Courage, another for physical Fear; one for Confidence in man, anotherfor suspicion or Jealousy. This discovery gives the truc soíution of various shades in the characters of different individuals vh:ch have never been explaihed, either by Phrenologists or in any systcm of Mental serenec. heretoforc offertd lo the world. And mysteries of a similar kind are further cxplained by otlrcr organs, which I have found, in connection vith the above, making the number upwards of hundred in all, besides the polcsof the nerves of motion and sensaiion, nüd the poles of thc úifterent muscles, and physical organs. 10 And itis a remarkahle fact, that ono pair of thc organs, (the Intelkctual and Dcvoiiounl ones, cspecially,) -are more elevated and refined in their exercises than the others. Thus, I find. tha't the lower organs of Cornparison tnke cognizanco of things, the upper ones compare ideas: the lowcr orgvins ot Causalty are exercised on things, the upper on Metaphysical subjects, etc. The subscriber has been engaged for somc timo, in a courae of mngnctic cerebral experiments. the results of which go very far, as he believes, towards demonstratincr these aseumptions, and i they should prove to be true, all must admit that they are immcnsely important, as múch so as any discoveries ever made illustrating the Physical or Mental natures of man.The matter wal be ilhistrated with numerous engnvings, somc ofwhich are now rcady for use. ihc '.vhole rendering the work one of su.-passing interest, anclevery way worthy of patronage from the curious and ecientifie, who wish to understand the mysteries of hnninn nature. Theylates wiii be of special interest, inasmucli as they wil! not only explain many magnetic phenonena hithertoo unknown, or not understood but one or more, vi!l be given dtsignaiing thosefcatures in the humtin faro,, viherc the magvetic courses termínate from the d'ffr.rcnt pkysi-cal and mental organs. a thing ncver bcfore knownf and thus will bo secn, the only tnie cxplanation of PJnjsiognomy ever siven to the World. In a word. tin work shall bc filled with now and valuable matter, on every question relating to the Piysical, Mental, and Magnetic Na tures of Man; cxpla'mivg the plicnomena of Slecpwaking, Somnamhilism. Monom-min, Insanity, Mit.dncss, Drcamhi's and l'un'ilicism, thf whole designed to exhibit the claims of these subjects on the attcntion of the cbndid, and to assïst them in ascertaining how far niagnetism has been, or may be used, as a medicinal agent. In furnishing articles for its pages, the subscriber expects the assistnnco of medical and scientific gentlemen, of the highest ruspectabiüiy in their profession. The Magnet will be published once a month; each numbcrcontaíníí twen ty-four royal 8 vo. pages, with a printed cover. Tcrms. !j!2.00 per year, invariably in advance. h will, in no case, be forwarded till the pay1 forit has been received. The fitst nnmber will be is. sued as soon as fivc hundred subscribers shall have been obtained. [CFAny. person procuring subscribers, will bo allowed to rctain the pay for the fonrth, proviued the balance bc forwarded to the publisher, free of expense. ## Evcry rditor who shall givc this Prospectus (includint; tliis paragrapii) six insertions. shall receive the Magnet, without an exchange, for one year, providcd the papers rontaining this noticc be forwarded, marked. to "The Magnet, 133 Fulton sircet. New York City." LAROYSUNDERLAND.Du. j. b. barnes; piiysician and SURGEON- House nnd Office, n few Joorssoulh of the Lafayette House, whoro lic can )c fuund night and dny. Aun Albor April 2Oth, 1812. F O II SALE OR RENT.- Tho Pinckncy Tcmpcrancc House and Store, which may :■ hadon,vcry l'uvorablc tprms, ii' applicd tor oon. Apply to Wia. KIRKLAND. .4 Pmckiiey, May 20, 18-12.SCHOOL LIBRARLES" FOR SALE, AND ALL KINDS OF BOOKS, BY J.LAIHB, miS LIBRARY IS REOÜMMENDED BI THE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC 1NSTRUCTION. JL. has on hand ruimcroussctts of the MA&. SACHUSETTS SCHOOL LIBRARY. & various other books rclating to Schools. In nddition to the above, Mr. Lamb wil!, in few days reccivc a Jnrge supply of. SCHOOL BOOKS, American Manual, Boston Spelling Book,. Peter Parley's Works, Arithmctics, Elementary Spelling Books, Grammais, Geographie.s,. Atlases, Algebras, Domestic Economy by Vliss Beecher, Story on the Constitution, Various Phrenoiogical works, Hayward's Physiology? other books,too numcrous to ra ention, and all kinds of Sfationery. Orders for the Library, addressed to me at this ilace will be at'.ended to. Ann Arbor, April 25, 1842. TAÍLORING BUSINESS ! AM. NOBLE, would respcctfully inform the' citizens of Ann Arbor and its vicinity, thnt lic has oponed a shop in the Lower Town, immedintely over the Inte mercantile stand r{ Lund & Gibson. and opposite the store of J. Beckley & Co., whore he is preparcd at all times to do work in his line, wiih proniptneas, and in a neat and durable mannor. Particular attention will be paid'to cutting gapments. Produce will be taken at th'a imuai pri ees, for work dono at his ehop. These who have cash to pay for services of thts kind, are particuhuly invited to calh Ann Arbor, April 27. 1842. tf TO PHYSICIANS AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS: rgHEsubscriber invites the attention of Piiy _B_ eicians and (Country Merchants, to his present stock of Drugs, Medicines, Painter Oils, Dye Stnff's, Varnish, Brushes, Sec. Stc, comprising one of the largest and fullest assortinents brouglit to the country. In his present stock will be found: 100 oz Sulph. Quininc, superior Ffeuch andi English, 20 oz. Sulph. Morphia, 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpenter's Witheriirs Extract of Bark, 1 bbl. PowdercdRhubarb, t Chest Rhubarb Roof, 1 bbl. Powdered Jalap, 50 lbs. Calomel, 3 casks Epsom Salts, 15 ensks Fall and Winter strained Spernr Oil, 40 boxes Sperm Candles, 2000 lbs. White Lead, dry and ground, 4 casks Linseed Oil, Dcntists Instruments and Stock Gold, Silvtr and Tin Foil Platina Ware, Porcclain Teeü. A general a=sortment of Patent Medicines, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. PIERRE TELLER. 139 Jefferson Avenue, sign of the Gilt March IS. Mortar, Detroit,HOLMAN 'S Tí IIS Ointmknt stands at the hcad of nll remedies for the follovying disoases which nature is hcir too, viz:- RHEUMATISM both Clironic nnd ínflaáutoíy - Gout - Sprains - Bruiscs and contracted TENDONS oí long stand1ingi It discusses nll tumours - renders stiff jointsr hmber by producing a hcalthy muscular actio. It assuages pnins n Boils and Abckssk& - Nothing eqaais it in sw'cllcd and inflamcd JBrcastff in Femalcs, f applicd in carly stage, prevents snpperation or matter fonning, and gives in all cases immediatc eosc from pain. Certificates of this fact could be givcn ïf necessary. This reincdy is uflered to the Public with the full nssurancc that it far cxcels the Opodeldoc's and Liniments of the picsent day, for the abovo d:so;;ises. A tri:il is only wantod, to givc it the decidcd prefcrence to every Uring else. Many Physcians ot eininenco have used this ointmcni nnd extols its mcrits. n& Thc above ointment is for sale wholcsalc and retnil by L. BECKLEY. Ann Arbor, (lower town) June I5th, 1842 9 DR. BANISTEP'9 CATBARTIC PEX.X.S. THIS pill has not only been used by myself, but by a number of Physicians of high atauding. both in this and other States, to gieat advantage. By the frequent and repcated soficitationsof my friends, I havo consented to offer them to the public as a inost efficacious remedy for all those billious diseosees originating in a new country. The abovc pill is for salo wholesale and retail by L. BECKLEY. Ann Arbor, (lowcr town) June 15th 1842. i DR. ]JAiISTER'S CELEBRATED FEVÉR AGÜE P1LLS- Purdy Vegetable, A safe, spoedy, and sure retnedy lor fevcr and agüe, dum QgUQ, cliill fevcr, and the biliotis discases peculiar to ncw countries. These pills are designed .for thc iffections of thc üver and other interno! organs which nttend tho disensos of thc new and miasmatic portionsofour countrv. Thc proprictor having tried them in a great vaiicty of cases coníidcntly believes (hat they are superior to any remedy that has ever boen oflercd to thc public for the abovc discases. lt is purely Vegetable and pcrfcctly harmlcss, and can be tuken by any person, male or fcmal with perfect safety. The pills are prepared in two separate boxes,n.irked No. 1 and No. 2. and acccompanicd wilfe 'ull (lirections. A great nunibcr of certificates might bo procued in f;ivor of this medicine, but the proprietcr ías thought fit notto insert them, in as much asio dependa upon tho mcrits of the same for it eputation. Tho above pill is kept constantly on hand by he propricter and can bc had at wholesalo and rofiil nt thc store of Beckley &, Co. Orders fro g he country prompily atended to. Anu Arbor. (lowcr town) May29th 1842. O L. BECKLEY,


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