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Changes In Ten Years

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-In 133í), Rev. Mr.William ,of The London Missionnry Society, firt bore tlie pfspel fo tlrö Navigator' a Tslanríá. This grotip lie neirly wost f'rnin Uio Society Islands, ata distance ofabont 700 milos. - The vvar-whoop was onc of tho first sounds tfiat feil upon his enr. Bariwag villages nwking the warrior's truck, met his pye. The rnass of the people were debascd and vicioup, und met together only to pollute and destroy p.nch oiher. ín March. 1840, a pions Scotch cr?nt!e man visited these Isfands, and gives the folio wing account: As we approaclied and .aileri up the harbor, we were grndually surro'.inded by niany ca noes; nñd befo re wc onchnred the deck was coVered by natives, all anxionsly and nffectionately grecting the novv missionaries who arrived wilh us. As we passéd up to tho house of the resident missinnnry, we observed the large foirnerly used for holding their sa vage Jaricef, crowded wilh worripn, who were holding á prayer-rneeting, ond filling the air with notes of praise, ín piase óf their ferocious and abominable sones. The chapel is 100 fpet by 27, capable of containing abont i,000 people, for hey 1J1I every corner, passages and al!, besides standing at the wtnöowe outside. Yoii may hiu agine my feelings, when standing in the fhidst tï reclaimed savage., hearing them Fin the praies of Johovah, seeing them bowthe liead,and reverently cover the face durintj pn.yer; and during sermón, seemíng to devour the word as ii drops frefti the prcacher's lipsjwhilo a woman would sob out. in spite oflier eftbrts to repiess it; and a man would wipe tho uns bideii tear from liis awarthy choek, so latply marked bj' all that could exprcss n ferocious lienrt, but now, meckj homble, and subdued. Oh! hovv 1 wish you could be pre.ent, to sce the fervor of the people. to see their subdued affectionate countenance - those whose hands were deeply stainod with blood and miirder, washed and punfied in the blood of Jesus. - In these islands 40,000 have renounced heathenism - more then 20,000 hare learnt-d to read!


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