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The candidates of the Liberty party ara now before the American public, and challenge a scrutiny. We bo)dJy invite inquiry into their qualificafionsi We claim and bc- lieve ttoat as a body of men, ihey are justly entitled to the sníTroei? óf trio pöople on their persona] qimlificntions alone, while their earnost devotion to the principies of Liberty, and"; thé fuct that ever vote given for them is ' given in favor oí human ri'its, éml'olden us to say tfint no ticket is before the pcoplo wJiich lias so many ntid so just claims upon the support of a free people. The only dravvback upon our ticket, even in the estimntioii of our enemies, is that our men are not of Ihose to whom the community are accnstomed fo look as by right entitled to hc)d aü the offices of the governinent. "Your men are very ijood tner7,but you can't eleot them, they are so litlle known." So Jittle knowu! WeJl, how can you help that? It is evident that the exigenciea of the country require a newset of men to administcr the government. But if yon aro to have new men, they must be men who are not known to the public en candidatos. Let a mnn bn np as a candürlate froin year to year, and it will no longer be said that they aré iinknown. It has been snid bv n wise poliücian, that no party can prospor which does no.t stand by its) candidates. It is due to the men who give us the use of their names wben we are few, that we give them our support wlien we are many. It is a matter of wise poücy to give to our movetnenï the aspnet of solidify nH slnbility, whinh w


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