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Our Minister To Spain

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-We üke to see ourliterary men, snch of them, [ mean, and such only, as mako tlieir literary excellence the ornament of a sound moral character - introd'iced into public stations of honor and trust. - When the nppointment of Mr. Irving wtis first announced we were agreeably surprised at it. We ihought ïtjust the thing, that the biographer of Columbus should represent our country at a court under vvhose auspices America was discovered . Wc think it however, by no means certain that he would have been called to do so, had our our slavebreeding President read the conchiding chapter in the Life of Columbus. The author, after noticing the fact that Columbus feil into the sin of the age, in reducing many of his fellow-creaturesjheathen though they vere,to slavery,and advancing such apologies for his error as the truth would allow, proceeds thus - "These reniarks, in palhation of the conduct of Columbus, are required by candor. It is proper to show him in counexion with the age in which he lived, lest the errors of the times should be conïidercd Iiis individual faults. It is not intended, however, to justify him on a point where it is inexcusable to err. Lef it remain a blot on his illuslrious name; and let others derive a lesson from it."EPThe State Journal and its correspontlents are Cor cuttiug down the salary of our Governor to $1000 a year. and the pay of ihe Legislatura to two dollars a day - the whig candidatos for the latter office to give a pledge bebre thcir noniination that they wil! receive only that amount. - Why not extend the principie further, and curtail the pay of membere of Congress, who now receive, inciudiug their mileage, froni eijrlit to twenty-four dollars per day? Why should the leislators at Washington have so much, while ihose at Detroit are to bc stinted to so little? - Michigan in reality pays her members to the national. as well as to the Stato Lcgislature. O-.T'Rev. Warren Ishani has relinquished the editorial charge of the Detroit Times for tho i present, on account of ill health. His sucecssor s not announced.


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