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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Ann Arbor Lyceum

Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Ann Arbor Lyceum image
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Our young men have lately reorgnnized this institution. The mcasure merits approbation.- The L}'ceum may be made a uource of pleaaure and profit to itsmembers and society. Tlie mine was made for improvement. A contrary euppo sition would bea reflection upon the character o the great Authar ol our being. The utility and honor of our phyeical efforle csaentially depend upon our intellectual and mor nl qualities. The mind derives its happiness- ta power o nchievement- its fitness to control our entire con duet, from suitable evolution and discipline. i he mean8 of these resulta are highly vaiuable Amrng these means, are the ir.vestigations, writ ten compositions and deba-es of the Lyceum. In days of yore, some faneied that none must nspire after the knowlelge. emolumenta and honors of any learned proession, but those who had received a college education. It was also conceived that academie grnduation sufficiently attested Jhe graduate's highest literary and scientific renown. The various and lofty acquiaitions of which the fertile and studious mind is susceptible through solitary and persevering exortions- and ihe progressivu advancement of euch a mind in ihe attainment or" knowledge till the fulfillment of its high de8tiny, seemed not to be understood. There have been men of only one idea- men whn hnve forever loolsed at all objects through a gunimrrel. But these narro w views and false rotions, Iike the dreains of themorning. are passing away. A college diploma ia crerfitable. It i ihe first species of evidence that its ptfssesser is a man of letters. But this is not now enough to prove one a grea ind learned man. The queation is seldom asked. ivhere did an individnal graduate7 But the en juiry is, hns he a strong, fruiiful and BtmHoUi niiid 7 Is it atored wi;h the rich materials of use'u! knowledge? Is he accurate, lucid and conlusivo in hia argumentaiion 7 Does he astouno y the tlmnder oí hia eloquence ? Can he flael. lown fire upon his hearers ? I am the friend of colleges. I highly appreci ite them as a benefaction to mankind. Bui I am pposed to all theorea regarding mind and educi ion, tliat tend to inducecy in Dil our young men, who may not have been bom under the most benignant stars. To such 1 would say, "Goahead." A bi'igh'fj consellation if self educated men have gone before you. A fondness for mental cuhivation s radical to the iccomplishment of this noble object. It is more. It is nlmoBt identicnl with rcpectable scholarship. I'osacssed of ihis fondness, the talentcd youth whatever may be his vocation, will so hushano' his :imo as to be ablo to acquirc much knotvledge oj men and things. Thought and observation reading and habits of composition - lecturee. debates and intercourse with scholars, will expand ond elévate his mind. ín somc parts of the old world there are lega barriers to the exaltation of a portion of the subjects of the government. These barriers cannot be surmounted by any splcndor of genius, varioty of learning and sublimity of moral worth. But in our beloved country ,no such arbitrary distinctions of law exist. Inteiligence and virtue, though assiciated with humble parentage and fortuhe, may be n passport to the highest preferment and honor. Our government is one of the people. - Here every man is a eovereign. Thia nation 01 sovereignB should all be educated. Without this inesiimable blessing, they cannot be conusaní of their rights- capable of maintaining them, and of transmitting unimpaired our freo institutions 10 the latcat posterity. Every man in the'republic, may be called in divine providence, to discharge important public dudes. Henee the necessity of the nniversaí disscminr.tion of learning. The art of public peaking should be generally studied and practised. This étudy and prnctise, are demanded by the character of our government- by the sentiments of the community. and by the usage of the times. There is no magie in public speaking. It is a thing which almost every one rnay perform who thoroughly understands his subject, and deeply feels its spirit, tipt first essays in the exeention of any aflbir of moment, are always onerous. We enter upon them with fear and trembling. But what of that ? - We must have an indomitable determinatïon to proceed, prosper, and triumph. We must not blench irom the performance of any laudable undertaking material to our fortune and our fame The advantageB consequent upon a participation in the exercises of the Lyceum, nre very much affected by the character of the questions deba ted, and the degree of preparation for their diacupsicin. The sabjocts should be important, useful and as far as possible, pra:t'cal. Ampie prepara tiohby rending. thougbt and writing, are indispensable to all valuablc improvetnent in this matter. A due regard should clways be paid to the laws t'iat govern parliamentary proceedings and all the interconrse of refined society. To impart the highest interest to tho Lyceum, the inöpiring presence of the ladies is al] important and is most respectfully invoked ort erery convenient occasion.


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