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East India Cotton Company

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A largo and rich nssochlion lias been forraed in London onder the above title. Thé capital s onk wiLLioN sterling, in tweníy thousand shares of' fifty thotiñand pounda cach. The principie object of this Coinpany is tosnpply ihe Brilish nrmrket with cotton of Indian growth, of equal quality.büt at a cheapcr rate than t! now brought from America. The cotion plant is'indigpnous to India, the soil is favorable, stibsistence and labor are íower than in uny other part of the world.- - The East India Cotton Company has sent to varioua parts of India able and experienced persons, natives of the United Statrs, who have been broueht up cotton plan ters, to give a new ímpetus to the growth, picking, ond cleaning of the Indian cotton. - This was done wiih a vievv merely to stimuIa'e ente rpi ize, os the Enst India Company ora prohibited from trnding ol any kind. An estimáis has been made of the average1 costin England of a cindy ol cotton, of 84Q Ib., cultivoted in soil of medium qualiïy ia the cotton districts of British India - gathered, cJeaned, packed, nnd imponed under the superintendent of the E. I. Cotton Company, by which it appears that the net co&t in London villbeLH 14 S sterling, which is eqnnl to Sjc. per Ib., or a trifle over seven cents a pound. The average London quotalions fur fair quaíity of Upland Georgia Cotton, for ten years- 18S2 to 1841 - is 8rf. or aboul sixlcen cenfs. Tltis great écheme meets with the cordial approbation of the Charhbers of Commerce in the manufacturing towns in England. and is patronized liv thé ïeodincr men in


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