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A coi respondent commnnica tes to us from St. Albnnp, Vt., the fbllowing instnnee of practical cliurch action, in rehrion to elavery, which, íf universo lly adopted, wonld have a powejfully effect in destroying thcpystem: fCA circumBtnnce oceurred a few weeks since in an adjoimng town worthy of note, as it indícales the advance ofeorrect principies in our nortbem churches. respecting the systcm of slavery. A young gentleman, a member of the chiirch in Swanton, rcturned a ehort time since from the south, where he has been enngaged 6ojne three orfouryeare, ince he groduated, ín teachincr, and req-iestcd a letter of diemisbion and recommennaüon to a southern cliurc-h, nd his request 'wns not granted. His wife is a member of the chnrch in Pittsford. íShe requestpd a letter also, and her request wos not granled. 'J'hegronnd of lhee refiísalB wae, they had become slavchol drrs. When tliey went south, they soon found, that to be potronizcd, they must tafce the oath of allegiance - purcha?e a 6lave - and in that wny pledge tliemsolvea to support thia system of Tme, they say they intend to libérate theii slnves tvhen they return tothe nortli, if they Fhould be permitted to do so. But if death arrest them under embarrassed circumstancee, thcir claves mu?t be 6old nder the hnmnier, to meet the demand of f reditors. This appenrs to be doing "ovil, thnt jrood may," or mr y not "come." Thie íh thc first instanco in wljicli our churches in this rfigion, so far as I know, bave been tested on this point. Tho precedent is a good one - Iet it followed by all of our northern churches, nnd the Roulhern churches woii.'d feel ir, and í sho!d hopr. be


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