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Letter From Rev. Hiram Wilson

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We have reeeived the following comniumcatión from this devoted brollier. We need ay nolhing of its claims on the benevolence of the Philamhropiste and Chriatians of Michigan, aa it is obvious that those who rscape faom the suuthern raenetealers with nothiug but their persons, raust be "poor indeed." Those who know Mr. Wilnon, ae awaro thal he is litera lly a workingman, ofgreat perséverance, and weJl deserviug of confidence and id. Dawn Mills, County of Kent. Canada West, Nov. 8, 1842. Messrs. Editors: - I wieh to apprise the friends of humunity in Michigan, espccially in the eastern towns, along or near the navignble waters, that we have in this province several thousand rcfugees from southern oppression to edúcate and care for. In carrying forward the work of cnlightening and thus eievating these self emancipoted seif exiled Americana of the 6able hue, we want help - and such help as we most need ïicxt to money could easily be furnished by farmers (who love tlie csuse of humanity) in the form of produce, of various descriptions, to be deposiied at the Warehouse of Martin Wilson Ef q. Detroit. I need not go into de - tail, but 6uch proviiions as farmers nnd mechanica in Michigan need to snbsist upon are needed here upun Emmanuei:s ground for the support of "luborers who are worthy of their meat." Ji should be known that we are founding an institution of Learning in this place for the benefit of the colored population on the Manual Labor system. üur location is on the river Sydenham, 20 miles east of the river St. Clair, and 60 miles from Detroit. Our Institution is called the Bntiah American Institute of Science ond Industry." Applications are frequent. Having comnienced but recently in a new place, where we huve lands to clear, buildings to erect, and other preparations to make, our wants are nnmerous and imperative, By the grace of God, help will come, and the work will go forwnrd- the ignorant will be inetrücted, the poor shnll have the gospel preiiclird to them; but the good psople of Michigau my not beexcusederotift hniid to the work. In the ful'ness of Samiarctan love, Thy Brother.


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