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Trouble With The Patriarchs

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■Theondent of the N. Y. Commercial wri'es from Washington the sad details of the loss af n ,-onng farmer on the Potomac, wlio was about emoving to Missouri with his h.inds. He ïad provided them with dothes and other ne:essaries for a year, and vvns alresdy to stnrt, ,vhen one morning he found every soul of them nissing, with all their furnituro ond éloÜimg Aritb wliich he had rurnishnii their quurters.- [Ie is Dow looking for them in the free Status. Mr. Masón, a mernber of Congress from Maryland-, lutely lost twelve slaves in the same nanner. In the midst of lus distress, he re;eived a letter from Gerrit Smit!), informing iiim they were nll well, had been entertainen Fit his liousf, and wercon theway to Cariada. Pile Maryland and District papers are f'ill ot idvertisemente for the recovery of fugiuves, md much e.xcitement pTevaila. Col. Siono, of the Comncercial, says these Ihings give him exqnisite pain.'


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