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There has been no organization of' the Lib?rty party in this county; bnt its principie-; liavo nriny frieods there. We have received jn account of theformation of an Anti-sleivery Sociply in the lowns of Woodhull and Scio" ta, of which Joephus Woodhull is President, ind Mason Phelpw is Secretary. Tlie object of trio society is the exiir.ction of slavery in Lhe United States. Wi!l not our friends see lo it that the Sjgnal is put into exiensive cir:ulotion there? At lhe meeiinnf of the socisly, Oct. 4, the followinglresoluiions Avere ndopted : Ros'ilved, Tbat (he resolution of the Tlouse of Representativos, Inving all petttiörtsj memoriulg, &c. roatvg in any way to the subject of slavery tipon the table, without bc'mg read, referred, or printed, is an assumption of power and authority at vari.ine wilh tiie spirit of the cnnstitution of the United State?, aml a virtual denial of the right of peiition. Resolved, That as we havo been nurttireil and bryiight np nnder the brainor of Jiberty and constitn'ional laws, we will never abandon the trne Liberty standard, but will nvüntain our birthriht by reason, and argument, and all constitmior-al'means. We eupuose, of course, that those who passed puch resolations musí be political abolitionists.


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