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What Has The North To Do With Slavery

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We ent thj following from the Western Citizen: It appears Trom tlie followin;? advertismni wbich we copy from the Alton Telegraph, that the luw and officera of this state volunteer their ossistance to take up and imprison defenceless colored lad, charued with no crime, fiimply that he may 4e sent back into.slavery.' How miich botter 'then, by this standard of the law, is n black skin, than the black character of an assassin? RUNAWAY NEGRO- Comrnitted to the Jait of AJadison coun ty, Illinois, October lst 1842, a runaway negro boy, apparontly 16 or 17 year of aere, who calis himeelf WfLLÏAM HÈNRY ADAMS. He is rather a dark mulatto, or of a coparas eclor, and is about 5 feet IJ or 2 inches high. His teeth appear to be sound in front, but not po whitP as is usnal in person-f of his color. - The upper teefh project a little beyond the lower. He is ciad in an old cloth roundabout, blue cotton pants, and a pair of old boots, all wry miirh worn. He sate that he carne from St. Louis, Missouri, nnñ that he belongs to one Dr. Adrián, résiring at tlmt place. Noiice is herehy given to the owner. if any there be, that unlef-s said slave ia claimed, lie will be dealt vith nccordmg to the law ín such case made and provided. ANDREW MILLER. Sheriff of Madison county, Ill'g EdwardsvilJe, Oct. 4, 1842. This Aridiew Miüer, Shenff, must feel himself to be in tall business. Wonder if he is not a Clay man. Mr. Clay offers rowards for fwgitives, and Mr. Miller is just the fcllow to nab tlieui. Thoy sgree in sentiment exactlyj(C5 ''There is r.ot a nran wlio deplores slavery moro jan I do." - Hairy Clay. Probnbly no man deplores duel in? morethan ho doe, yet he lias icen engaged in sereral duels, and bis conduot for the last year or two shows t'ntt he ís as rendy now nst ever to practico Unit wliich lio so much deplores. What shoold we think of the assertion of a profrsfel cambler thnt lic wás as much opposed to ffamblinff nsuny man.and was stillfound night ifter nitfbt at tliegaming table? It is on old ïinxisn that 'actiona speak londer than words,' ind every such declnration must be regnrded


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