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New York Election

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This State has gone Democratie by a roajority Trom ten to twenty thousand. The city of Bnffalo gave a Pemocratic mojority of $60; New York city. 1,000. (E7"The Detroit AOvertisor has much to say to its readers ahout southern politicians, southern dicta' ion, the encroachments of tlie South. Mr. Calhoun is a soutbern man, Stc. Uc. Wo shouJd like to enquire, vhy ia this coutinual repetition of the words "south" and eouthern?" Does that paper intend tocre-J ate a 6ectional feeling or party? In ourjudg-! ment neither a man, nor a measure of public ! policy, is to be esteemcd any the less because of sonthern origin. Perhaps we rnay some-! times use similar expressions; but our senti-j ment8 cannot be misunderstood. We do not oppose the Soiith, or southern men, only as thcy are idenüfied wtlh slavehoiding. Mr. Birney was bom in a slave state, and has ; sided most of his life at the South: ought he to be esteemed the less on that account? If our neighbor means slapeholding dictation, Stc, then why not tay so; but if he means' soraething else, piense let ns know what it is. ; 05The Whig candidates for Rcpresentativce in Bangor, Mainé, were elected at the ïftl trial by majorities of two und sx ively. Rather a hard victory. The Libery vote, at the first triul wao 153 and 170: at hefifth, 177 and 171.


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