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General Intelligence: Another Appalling Steamboat Conflagrat...

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The steamboat New Etigland, which camc uj t'.iis inorning, brought the puintul and afllicting intelligenee of the total destruction of the sieaiuboat Vermillioa by fire. She was burnt to th water's edgo yesterday morning near Huron. with the -loss uf several passengere. The circumtances of the melancholy citasiroplie, aa neai ¦s can be gathered frotn passrngers ia New ÍCng. land, ara these: The Vermillion atrived at furon about 1 o'clock in the moining, and 6iopped at the end ol xhe pir close by the ligfit house. While a couple of men were carrying on board a tin can oí turpentinc, the bottom of it struck agauist something nnd emptied ïts whole contenta upun the deck. - Tliis was so near the fire-room tliat the tuipemine run into it, when thcwholc boat was invnediately wrepped i ikmes. The ropes which secured the boat to the pier were soon bui nt, when it drif ted into the Lake, beyond the rench oí aid, where ii rnpidly burnt down tu tüe water's edge with several poreons on board. Two only are known to bo missing - tho cïnmbermaid and English woman. The bow óf the boat only being asidn of the pier, the persons on that part of it escipcil easily upon the Wtiörf; but tiiosu nt the s!ern,being intercepted by the dames iiad to leap into the water or ciing ;o the boat untii they wero rescued, as several were. Hnppiy, the Chicago carné along in tune to assisi with ker s:t:f.ll bont in saving persjn from the water aivd the wreek. She afterwards towed the wreek into the harbor. Tho following are known to be lost. The body of one nnn Ins been lound, his ttume supposed to be (from his papers) Aiejcander Rcbinson. Capí', or mate of the Schooner Ohio. He is supposed to have had a w;fc on board who was aliio drowncd. The body of Mrs. Charles Hoskins, of Kingston, Canada, has abo beca fuund. Her husband is among the living. He savet! himself by swimniing to the doek, nfnsr being seperated frotn his wife by sonie one hini around tho body nnd draaging hitn under. The Cabin Maid is known to be losr, probably burncd to death Thecfothing of a man is found,anri from the papers in the pockets supposed to belong to Hemen B. Klv. of IW.hester, N. Y. - The above are all that are known to have perialred; it is to be feared that uthers have pcrished whose names will not be known nntil their places ehall be found"frcint among their friends. Tho following are known to bc among the liv ing. Wm. B. Clark, South Lansing, Tompkins Co., N. Y. Mrs. Edward Clark and two daughters, do. A. Duff. Malden: Canada. Mr. Wm. Watkins, Leroy, N. Y. Mr. Charles Hoskins, Cnnida. Miss Hannah Tory. New Hartford, N. Y. Miss A. T. Smith. Naw Yo:k city Mr. It. B. Carhart, Bloomfield. Mich. Mr. Hampton E. Field, Troy, N. Y. Mr. Henry Gronnel!, Bloomfield, Mich. Master Ephrairn Barrows, do do. Dr. A. T. Boardman, and Son, White PigBon. Mi h. Mr. N. S. Godfrey, Batavia. N. Y. We are not ahle to givc the namea of all those known to be living, as some went down on S. B. Com Perry, that was in about sunrise: how naany is not know n. CJ'Tlifcre is a beamiful and tonching incident :onneed with tho loss of the ill-lated Vermtllion :hat ought not to go unrecorded. Among the suOerers was a ynung mnn by the same of Robinson, mate of the schooner Ohio - i md a fine specimen of Nature's noblest works. - kfoung and activo, he dehghted in his profession, indbid fair to become an ornament among thosc "VHp path is o'cr the mountuiu wave, WWlPiiome is on the dcep!" Andbutadayor two before unitcd himself in that "holiest of lies, wedded love," to the fair girl of hischoice; nnd was on his way with hit) ' !ride to spend the "iionuy moon" with his aged moiher, who resides in this city, when death. with all'its most appaliing horrors cauie npon them botli, in a moment summoned tliein henee to "tbat bourne from whence no traveller returns." The mother was anxiously expecting their arrival, when the saJ news of their nntimely fate was communicated to her. Folding her ha'ids apon her breist. and lüting her eyes to Henven, she exclaimed in the spirit of the true cliristian - "The Lordgaveand the Lord hath taken nwcy; tilcsscd be the namo of the Lojd" - then BnkinL upon her knees, held silent communion with lier God. After rising, sha wiped nway the teara that bedewed her eyes, and haard all the pariieulare {of the melancholy evcnt with a calmness thai surprised and cotnfoned those who witnessedi:. Cleurclund Ileruld. Slavery in Delaware. - Slavery in the U. Slatesp, as it is altogether probable, will cease by piecitncal. One portion after unotlier will rid itselfcf theevil. The pressnre from Ponsylvania ond Ohio is slronz and irresistible. The bardy free laboren of these etates are gradunlly driving it towHrds the low Innds o( the south. Delaware is substantially a tree state, so that if the south wish to retnin their equality In the Senate of the United States, they must look after this smal] but gallant commonwoaltb. The Uvo classes of popuiatin, rccordirijr to the stveral enumerationa of inhabitants, were as follows: Froe. SlaveB. 1730, 50,207 8,837 1300, 53,120 6.153 1810, 66,497 4,177 1820, 68,2S0 4,513 1830, 73,434 S,SOJ 1S40, 75,480 2,605 Tlmsthe state has but little more than one fourth of slaves which it had in 1790. In 1850 thenumber of slaves will nut probably be moro than 1,500 or 1,600. Th people nf tbe state are payinp more attention to tiades and manufactures, in connection with which Btavery has never flourshed. - Boston Recorder. RESULT OF TUK OH 10 ELECTIOV. The Columbtis Stntesman gives offichl returns from all the counties in the State except sevnn and the mojoriciep in thosesevon. The resul is- for Convin, Whg, 1 19,091; Shnnfion, Loco, 123,004. Kin?, Abolition, 5263. Shnnnon over Corwin, 2,423. Shannon's i'ote is about the same as in 1840; while's is about 16,000 less than last year. The ïumber of votes polled this year is about 260,)00.- f Fr stern Statesman. Mr. Giddinrs of Ohio has been urged forvanl by the whigs, to make a speech acainst he Libcuty pnrty. This will snrprioe no one. ?oth hu and Mr. Slede are thorovgh tvhigf, ind will stick to that pnrty at all events. VVo hnuld bepld of all they may do asrainst sla'ory with one hand. wlülethey support il wi'h he othr; but their advice to the Liberty pary, in their nresent posilion, is worlh nothing it all. - Liberty Standard. 05=" The Msredith (N. H.) Baptist Asso:iation votod not only to exclude slaveholdcrs 'rom their p"lpils and fellowship. and not to eceive nnd dismiss members to and from slo.veinlding churenea. This is tlie true doctrine. Have no fellowship" &cc.A. B. C. M. - The ossociation which these initials indícate, has stuted that it 'can have no relntion to síavery which implies approbation;" and will treat it as it does othcr sins with which it comes in contact. Wül Dr. Tapran, or some other person inform us whothei slaveholders and iheir nhettors are treatcd in its corpora'e Board as thieves and adulterers would be treated. - Liberty Standard. Whal does tkal mean?-- The 3cston Courier thinks the whige ost Ohio by connecting Henry Clav's nnme too intimately with their cause. - Tocsin. (Cf The Liberty vote in Alleghany Co. Penn. averages 300. Alonroe, 33!. Beaver Co. 148. Susquehannah Co. 406. Tota), 1,1 14, in only five counties. Thia is more than three times the Liberty vote Sn the whole state in 1840(t Henry Clay's last hope, is Slade's letter! If that, with Adatns' and Giddings' influence, wil! not blind Liberty men into voting for sluvery, nothiog can. The brass impliod in aí-king us to voie tbr a party with a slave holder at its head, wmild fiirnish bell-metal to all tlie foutidries i New York, for the next twenty years. 05a Thetwo faces of Clat. - Tn 1336. in his place in the Senaie he sayp; "A a citizen of a sonthern state, I would continue to oppose any sckeme WHATEVER oj emancipation wkether gradual ou immediATK." But, asa Presidentjalcandidate, mnnufactüring a speech, in o Qiakei neighborhood, for i n'irthern mnrkui, "he deplored elavety as nuch as anv one, he esteemed it a national ind potitical evil, woull willingly jmn in any ational meaeure to eradicate it from the couu:ry." Which is the real face, and which is the


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