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WOOL, Wheat, F!.ur, Grnss Seed, Butter Cheesc, Pork, &c. wanteci; ateo, Black Salís nnd Ashes. F. DENISON. Sepr. 24, 1642. tf23 DR. BANISTER'S CELEBRATED FEVER AGÜE PILLS- Purrbj Veretabh. A safe, speedy. and siire remedy lor fe ver 'nnd ague. dum tieue, chili fever, nnd the bilious disensos peculiar to new countrics. These puls are dcsisned rortheaffüctions ofthe liver and other interna! orgnns which ntlend the discnses of the new and miasmatic portions of our country. Tho proprietor faavihg iried them in a grest .riety of caees confidently believes thnt they are iperior (o nny r-mdy that ever been olTer;d to the public for the abirve diseases. It is pnrely Vtgr.tahle and pe;fectly harmlcss. md can be taken by any person, male or female A'ith perfect safety. The piüs nre prepared in two separate boxes, Tiarked No. 1 and No. 2. and acecompanied with uil d:rections. A grent rtumbör ofcertifi-atea might be procued in favor of thia medicine, but the proprieter las thouirht fitnotto insert them. in as niuch as ïedepends upon the merits of the same for its eputatifm. Tlie above pül is kept constnntly oh hand by he proprieter nnd can be had at wholesftlo nnd roail at the store of Beckley & Co. Orders from he country prompilyatrended to. Ann Arbor. (lower town) iMay29ih 1?42. 9 L. BECKLEYSVLARATUS- A prime article in boxes or barrels, for sole at the lowest prices by Q at Tn „ F. DEN1SON Sept. 24, 1842. tf23 GÍIASS LAKE ACADEMY & TEACHEKS' SEMINARY.-Thc WintefTcm. Mondiy of November, unrler tbe instruc.ion of Mr Baruis, A. B. Good board can l,e hnd pèr wcSek r0m 8nd Wa3hin 'or 4 & Tuition- Trom 3 to$5. nnd VuTAiri .Ba-ri8.Isan experíenced teacher, nnd w.l 1, doubtlt-88, give eenen.l enj.afaciion. ALONZO BREVVER,


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