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Threshing Machins

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ÏHE undersigned woiild infórtn the public thnt JL they continue to mrnufncture Hobsk PoWLsniVd ïuuiiiHi m Machines, two nnd a half uil es frum the village of Arm Arbor. on the raJoad. The Horse Hower is a Inte invenlion by S. V. Fosier, and ís ckciilecily superior to any other ver offered to the public, is will appear by the tatémente of those who have used them during ie last year. It is light in weiííht nnd small in ompass. being carried together with the Thieshr, ín a comuion waggon bux. nnd drawn witl. ase by two horses. lt isas hule Hable to break, r j-et out of rep;ir. as any other Horse Power, nd will work as easy and ihrash as much witli 'our horses a ttaehed to it os any other power wiih iva horses, as will appear froin the reconiniendaions helow. New patterns have been tunde for he cast Iron. and addiiional wéíght and slrengih pplied whcrever it had appeared to be necessary rom ono year's use of the machine. The subscribers decni it proper to state, that a mraber of horse powers -were sold last year in he village of Ann Arbor which were believed by he purchasers to be those invcnted by S. VV. Foser. and that most or all of them were cither made naterially different, or altered betbre sold, so as o be materially different those made and old by the subseribers. Sucli alterations being lecidedly detnmenta to the utility of the machine. They have good reason to belicye that evcry one of those returned by the purchasers as unsatisfactory were of this class. They are nol aware thnt any Power that went frotn their shop, and was put in use, as they made it. has been condemned or laid asideas a bad machine. All who wiah t. bu.y are invited to examine them and to enquire of those who have used them - There will be one tbr exnminntion at N. H.Wixg's, Dexter village; and one at Martin Wu.i.son's stoiehouse in Detoit-bih these gentlemen beine aaents for the sale of them. The price will be 120 for a four horse power, with o threshing machine, with a stave or wooden bar cylinder: and $130 f.,r a horse power with a threshing machine with an iron bar cylinder. The attention of the reader is invited to ttiefollowing recommendations. ë S. W. FOSTKR&CO. Scio. April 20. 1842. RECOMMENDA TIONS. This is to certify ihat wg Ikivc used one of SW. Foster's newly. invonted Morse Powers for about five monihs, and threshed with it about 3100 bushels, and believe it is constructed on ficttcr principies ihan any otheV Horse Power. - One of the undersignëd has -iwned and nsedeiijht different kinds of Horse Powers.and we believe tha fuur horses will thrash as much with this Powe js fize will with any other power with which w are acquainted. CASE, S.' G. IVÈS. Scio, January. 12, 1R42. Tois is to nform the public that I have purchas ed. and have now in upc. one of the Horse Pow e'rs recently invented by S W. Fostcr, made b S. VV. Foster, &C-., and believe it be construct ed upon beller principies, and requirfla Us strengt'i, of horses than any other power wil which 1 aui acquainted. wrw A. WJLLKo. Mount Clemens. Sept. 8. 1841. This is to inform the pnl)lic that 1 have purchas edoneof the Horse Powci, recently invented by S. VV. Foster, and usul itfora nurnber of months. and believe it is the best power in use. workinc with less sirength of horsns thnn any other power with which I am acquainted, and being small in compass. is easily moved fr.m one place to nnother. I believe 4 hovses will thresh as much with this power as 5 will with tmv other power. The plan and the working of this power have heen universnlly approvodofby fürmersfoT whom Ihavethrashed. E S. SMrTII. Scio. April lïj, 1842. SMtTT MACHINES. The subscribers makevory goorl SMUT MA CHINES which they will sell for $50 1 h machine was invented by one of the subsertben who has had many yenr'sexpenence in the millin business We invito those who wish to buy ood machino Tor a fair price to buv of ns. It wnrth as mu ;h nsniost of th i machines that co. from 150 tö $300. S. W. FOSTF.R & CO. Scio, April, 18, 1842. Woolen ÏVÏanufaciory The subscribers have recently put in operatio a woollen manufactory for manufacturing wooller cloth by power looms, twoand a half miles wes' from Ann Arbor village, on the rai'road, wheie he wish to manufacture wool inío cloth onshnres, or for pay by the yard, on reasonahU' eniis. They have einploycd cxperienced woik nen and feel confiden.tthotwork.will be welt Jone. They therefore respectfully a8k a shaie ii public paironagc. especially fromthosc whoaiiú tavor of home indüsTrv. Wool may be lel u Scio village. S. W. FOSTER & Co. Scio, April 13. 1M2.


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