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HOLMANS, tBone Ointme ut jM rFUS Ointmknt stands at the head of all ng medies for the following diseñes , wh ure is l.eir ,00, vitt-RH L.UM ATISM both nea hronicnnd influmitory- Gout- Sprains- ( es and contractedTENDONS ot long fon iaat 'it discusses nll tumours- renders stiff joints cha mber by producing a henlthy muscular action. I lt assuages pains in Bon.s and Abcessks - Yo oihiiiR equals it in svfcllcd and inflamed Breaste 1 , Pernales, f applied in early stage, prevenís in n)peration or matter Ibrmliur, and givcs in all I isesimmediateensefrom pain. Ccrtthcates 01 ,is fact cuuld be given ïf neccpsary. co This reinedy is oflered ilic Public vvnh tht n ,11 assurance'that it fiar excels the Ouodeldoc1 tul Linimonts of the picseut day, for the nbove sciis.-a A trial is onU wanted. to givc it tin ._ .ccided preference to every thing else. Many -- 'hysciana ot eminence have used this ointmcnt J nd extols is merits. , n9 , The above ointmenï is for sale wholesnle and iail by r-" BECKLF.Y An n Albor, flower town) June I5th, 1842 9 TO PHYSICIANS AND COUNTKV MERCHANTS. '11 HE stibscriber inviies the attention of Piiy JJ JL sicians and Country Merchants, to hu A )reseut stock of Onip, Medicines, Paintí, v Üils, Dye Stuffs, Varnisn, Bnishes, &tc. &c v coniprising one of the largest and Kiltest tl nents bmugrlit "o the country. In his present n stock wiJl be found: lOOozSnlph. Q,uinine, superior Freuch and , Khgiish, 20 oz Sulph. Morphia, r 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpcnter's Witherill's Extract of ö Buik, '' 1 bbl. Powdered Rhubarb, 1 Cliest Rhubarb Root, 1 bbl. Powdered Jalap, j 50 ibs. Calomel, 3 cusks Epsom Salts, löcnsksFall and Winter strained Sperm Oil, 40 boxes Sperm Cnndles, 2000 ;bs. White Lfad, dry and grnund, 4casks Linseed Oil, Dentisis Instruments and Stock Gold, Silver nid Tin Foil Platina Ware, Porcelain Tceth. general a-sortinen. of Patent. Medicine?, all if which wil! be sold on the most reasonable erms. PIERRE TELLER. 139 Jeiferson Avenue, sign ofthe Gilt Vlnrcii 13. Moriar, Detroit. TA] té R 1 N G B ü S I N E S S ! A Mi NOBLE, wouid rcspectrully inform the xTL citizens ot Arm Arborand itsvicinity. that .: li is opSriod a shop in theLower Town. imne iicly over the late mercantile a;nno ftf Llind Sc 'ibsori. ;n.l opposite thfl siore of' J. Beek ley & ' ., whore hc is prepared at all times lo do work 1 his line. with proinptness, and in a neat and iura'olë mannen i l'nrticular a'tontion wül be pnid to cutting pariients. Produce will be taken at the nsuai pri ees. for work done at his shop. These who have casii tö pay for services of tlus kind, are pnrticularly invited to crill Ann Arbor, April 27. 1842. tfDR BMSrFR'S CAT52ARTÏC - TÍIIS pilliias nor. iinly ben nsed by my self, but by a mimber of Physicians of j úgh standing, boih in bis a.:d othor Siaics, tu J jrent advantace. fiy the frequent and repenfed snKeitntionsof my Vianda, I have consented 10 offeT f hem -io tbe nihlic ns a most efticaeioue romedy for all those ] illious diseosees originating in a new iy. Tbo above pil! is for sale wholesnie and retail ,v L. BJ.CKLF.Y. " Ann Arhor. flowrr to'wn) JññV.15'h Iri42. 9 TO CLOTH1ERS. THE sub?cnber is jus! n roceipt of a fttrIlier sunplv of Clolhier s stock, consistnt! of MCHINE CARD8 ti ls rij,fm; OLOTHIEIVS JACKK. A7 TtNÈTWARP. CARD CLEAXSERS and PICK ERS. &HUITLES. REEDS, KETTLES. ZCREWS. PARSON'S SHEAR1NG MACH IN il EVERV. (crery sizi:,) TENTER HOOKS, PRESS PAPER, topether tctti a teel' scl-dfAl (issortmiril. oDYE WOODS.avd DYE STUFFS oi the very best growth and tnnnuiacture. These goods (coming ns they do direct from firsl hands) ilit subscriher is cnabled to sell lower than nny otlier houso west of Ni vv York, In therefore solieits the attenüon of (iinis in tlu clothing business, to theexan inaiiun of his stock and p ices before going east or pürchWmg elsewhero. PIERRE TELLER, Wholesale and Retnil Drurrgist, ?9 JeiTcrsoii Avenue, sign of the Gil; Mortar, Detroit. ESTÁTE OF JACOB LAWTOiN DE CEASED.- Notice is hereby giverl. tHai the undersigned have proved the last wil! aiui testament of Jacob Lawton. deceasec?. and have taken leiters Testamentary thereon. and have given bonds acc-ürding to law. All persons indebled to said estáte are requesled to makc pay. ment without delay. and all pei-soris having cliinns against said esta e are requested to preaent the same to the subscribeis, well authentieated, for payment. GEORGE E. LAWTON. DAVID T. M'COLLIJM. Executors of the last vvill and Testament oí Jacob Lavton. Dated, Ann Arbor, May 7, 1842. 3m TEMPERANC HOTEL, BY 16OSSERT& TERHUE. (CORNER OF MtCHIíiAN ANU WASHINGTON AVENUES, DETIIOIT. ) TÍIE nbovc House is pleasantly situated ne'i the Central Railrond Depot, and is niiw un lergoing ihorough repairs. The rooms air pleae mt, th.: B ds and Hedding all new. and the Tablt will be aupplied witlii the choicest ol the market. ind the proprietors nssure those who will favor hem wiili their custom, thnt a"! pains sliall be taken to make their slay with them agteenble. Fakk. venj loto, and accommodation good. - Carriages to convey passengere to and from the Hotel free of expense. Detroit, Apr;1?? jfto. '■t;-onomy is wealth." TME fc-'üriseribers will pny pay two cents per in Goods or Puper for an qunntity of rood clean SW1NGLE TOW, deüvered at the Ann Arbor Paper Mili JONES & ORMSBY. Ann Arbor, April 27, 1842. tf NEW GOODS ! ! FDEiNlSON li;is just received a complete stock ot DRY-GOODS. GROCERIES INÚ CR0CKERY, which will be sold very r-heap for money or most kinds of produce. Descriptjöns and priefs will he given at theStore. Ann Arbor. June I, I842. Dl. J. B. BARNES, PHYSFCIAN AND SÜRGEON - House and Office, i few doorssouth of the Lafayette House, where hecan be foundnightand day. Ann Arbor April 20th, 1845.


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