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The elcction for this State is over. With it ïas passed away palitical exciteinent, and rea son ngain rcsutnes her dispassionatesway overmind. n tliis interval of sober judgment, it may be jroíitable thnt cacli elector should ask of Iiimsclf, what good has he accomplis'ied by his recent vote. In reviewing by gone life. we can ever clcarly see errors, imperceptible during their enactment. we cnn best redécm their baneful corrscquences, by mak ing the lessons of past folly the index of future wisdom, and thus turn to prodt, what else must ever remain a dead loss, on life's account. As in the natural, so is it in the poli tical life. How common is it to hear regrcts froin numbers, that thcy had voted for particular individuáis. Largo was the party, wlio bewailed that Jackson had occupied the presidential chair by their su (Trage, and still larger is that now 'clothed in sackcloth and nskes," or niaddened into rage. becausa they havoheiped the elevation of John Tyler. But all these hope to be more wise hereaftcr. Reader, does j'our late vote now satisfy you? it was grnteful to the excited politician, but is it approved by the cal in, and reflective citizen? - Il' you are a democrat, the triumph of your creed mny prompt a rcady afirmativo; the season for unperturbed thought has not arrived for you - some months henee the question will be more appropriate. But are you a whig? IIow has the whig doctrine, "Don't throw away your votes," prosperad with you? You were well warned that tliis unhcly doctrine - tliis injunction to abandon principie, that you might herd with victory, svould place you in the democratie ranks. Do you fcel that you have used the freeman's greatest privilege wisoly and conscientiously? If you have voted to sustain honest conviction, and to proinote principie, raiher than party, you have done well; but if principie was merged to subservepaity, the result has proved that even in politics, as on other subjects, nbandonment of honest principie carries with it its own punishment. What good can your third party men nccamplish? was the rife question bel ore election. - What good have you whigs accompiished, now that it past is our answer, with this difference, however, that ours is a gnining - yours a losing minoiity. From an almost ideal party we are fast swellinr into greutness - from a gian't yon have already faded to dwarfish stature; and ihmigh the prediction doubtlèss seems to you the ilream of fevered fancy, yet rely on t, the whig pnrty will soon be among the things of the past, and if aught of its principies is to triumph, it must be under a nesv name, and with a changed organi.ation. Oíd leaders ntcresied and hackneyed in politicnl trickery - must be put away, and the whole mass be regenerated by a purifying principie. We liberty men can no Jonger be despised; nlrcady our iafant strength is feit. In Ohio, New York, Mapsachusetts and this State, our organization has left the whigs to eprii the wages of hroken faith, and hypocritical promises. In Michigan we have recorded the sentnnenls of over two thousand rating citizcns in fnvor of liberty, nnd (ree labor, against slavery, and unpaid labor, and this amount ofc testimony, otherwiso lost, by the ballot box is now concentraied into indisputable shape, and sent to the nation to exert its moral influence, in mitigating the political, the moral, and the social evils of slavery. But is there any thing to be expectcd of the whigs, favorable to liberty? the question is asked as to them only, because as 'yet democracy has professed entiie opposition to us, and the whigs usingso mnny honied, and :iblarney" professtons, delude many to continue in their ranks from the hope that liberty will receive its triumph with theirs. A late writer in the Frce Prcs3, in two anieles, disclosed a startiing amount of wfhig slavery measures, sinre their short elevation to power; thcy aro too numerous now to. repeat. -Bat sce what the Adverliser, the whig organ, proiesses, now that election is past. In itsnumber of 23d oí November is a leading editorial, headed "Right of FctUion:" it advocates this right, bnt as ifto do away with ihe effect of this single liberty principie, t avows, that il is "not prcjxiTcd to say tkat slavcry should be aboLishc.din the Dittfict of Columbio.." It sáys in iact to Congress-reccivo petition?, but do not grant their praycr. Take in every petition for abolishing slavery. but hced tliem not; humour the petuioners, while they are in fact far ns ever from attaining their desires. In truth this is a perfect commentary on ihe whig treatment of us at all times. Let every person, halting between the whigs and liberty read this avowal of whigs principies r. tliis Staie. But on rcaJing to the end of this article. t will be (ound, that even this miserable advocacy of the right of petition, cloggcd as it is will. a destructive adjunct, is founded, not on general principie, but to subserve whig ascendency. "Above all," eays it, 4wc adjure the friends of Hcnry Clny to pause and ponder," and why so, reader? Let the Advertiscr answer! "Alrcadij thern are many at the nonh, who will hesitate long befo re they will vote lor ANY SLAVEIiOLDER FOR PRESIDENT, and ihe mtmber is duihj iiicrciisingU!" And yet this is the journal tint prates about its "ezcessiccatt'achrrenttothc Nonh," and with bold daring sticks these very words directly beneath the banner display of the "principies of the whig party, as defined by Henry Clny," he very man for whose election it labors so hard. - And when the whig principies, the piogeny of this great whig dictator, are searched for evidence of excegsivz attachinennt to the norih," is it to be found? there is the currency question - and the tariff- and the war of 6pite with Tyler- and the distribution of landmoncy, and econumy. the atch suff.age of every party - and a single presidential term, another catch suffrage of the presidentseeking candidate - all these are plainly set out, but this ♦'excecsive attachment." where is it? No doubt, like all overpowering excesses. it is too big for uttcrance, ot perhnps likc the Kilkenny cats. ithasgone through a


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