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Anti-slavery In Kalamazoo: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Schoolcraft, Nov. 23d, 1842. Mksshs Editors! - We have just rcceived the ofilcial canvass for ihe county ot" Kalamazoo. - We have no nieons at command by which lo uscertain the ntunber of votes polled; the highest nuinber cast ior one oflicer was ior treasurer 14S4; the highest nümber for nny Liberty candichite 200; the next 190, the iirst for Senntor. the othr ior Representan ve. The hiehest for county oiïicors was 182, tho lowest 73, was in consequenco ot a bad nominntion, owing tothe convention Kot niaking thcmselves suHicicntly ncquaintcd with the standing Jof ono of the nominees. I presume from 12 to 185 isa fair average of the Liberty vote. 1 have not seen the official vote of the different towns; it is said that ihe thrce partics tied on some ot the officers in the town of Climax, and that Richland gave a mnjoriiy to the Liieny party. Tho Liberiy vote n 1810 was 2?, in 1841, 102. iVe hopcd to have doubled the vote of 1841 ; though we did nol succeed as we wished. we do not feel discouraged. Dr. Bemcnt delivered a series of lectures in tliis county, (one in each town) a short time before the election, it ia gencrally admittcd wiih decidedly good eflect, but too near the elcciion to increase the nuniber of votes, as it takes more than a few weeks for men who have floaicd willi the current to gain moral strengh and courage enough even after they ar3 convinced of the necessity, lo stem it sufficiently stcady to break the bonds of party. The town of Flowerfield in Rt. Joseph Co. gave the Liberty party a mnjority over both the


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