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Diïar BroTher Fostbr:- 1 thougiit " iew v xtracta, from my journal might not be r; irely uninterèsting to our readers. Much, a iowever, that is hew, or marvelloiis, in thete ime3 of deprestñon and stagnation of v msinees will not be pxpected. y A simple narrntion of facts as thcy have t )ccurred from day to day is all that will be t ooked for. t Monday, lith.- Left Ann Arbor, and by L Hot of perseverarle found tny vvay lo Sylvan i hrougb nü grent a varioty as cöiild well be ( ladin ono short d;iy. Sriow, rail, im;d, and jccasionally fair weathèr and pleasant roads i svore anicng Mie varioty that intoresfed my Vitcnlion. I foiind a stnall congregntion oí i ittentive heareif, that we re willing to listen Lo tlie story of tiie colored rnan'a wrongs, and rrive their iniluence in fivor of htimanity nul equal rights. I spent ibc nighl vi:h my oid friend Rcv. Mr. Hall, with wliom I was intimnte in by-gone daya in our beloved NewEnpland. 15th. - Visited Gras?? Lake, and lectured n iheévening to arespectable au-Henco, and t arried for the night with our friend Jones. - j Made some col'lectiona furtlie Signal, but find moncy extreme!; scarce. Yet our friends aro trae as t!ie needie to the pole, their : tiotis wiil lepaiil. 16th. - Foand my way to Jackson, r.nd was mt:ch rejoiced that our oíd and triad ■ friend, S. B. Trendwell and family, (by whom ! T wrs hospitably enteitained) vere in excellent licalth and spirits. Lectnred to o fine congregaron in the Uaptist meeting house. - It was 'fcolemn and aKentive, and l doubt not btit the impression made will bc lasling and valuable. At midnig)it, Ihe slmnbers of the faraily were diturbed by a rap at the door. It wad that of a fugitivo s];t ve,' a ypung womonof Uventy three. Slie oppeared in'eüigent and seemed sensible of li?r situation - spoke respectfully of her fornier master witli whom she had hved many yenrs, but was sold by him as he was about to emjgrate to Europe. Her new mnster and mistress were not kind; tfiey thrcatened to whtp and sell lier, and when aü opporiunity presented i!íelf, she nbsconded. - She hos gone to Canada, no more to particípate in the blessings of our dnnocratic - our free insïiulions. May the blessings of iiea ven attend her.17Llt. - LecL".red at N;tpoleon. 1 oiniil scme wnrm henrtod friendo I;ere that will not tire until the principies of our holy cause triumph, and the slave is free frotn Iiis master. I afu ahvnys refreshcd, vvhen I mingle in the the society of tliose iu whom intelligente rmd virtue are pro :iinent charactenstics. In the family of our bdoved fiirnd Rpxford, I could but feel at heme, Ilennd fome of bw neighbors have done and are doing much for the slave. Mny heaven cnvn theif efTorls. 18th. At Ilarry. The weather is exceodingly boisterous and colii, and t!ie trave.lüng nltnost insuñerable. The fnends did not assemble for a lecture, but thcy were entertained a few days since by Dr. Bcment, who did the subject, 1 nm lohi, ampie justice. He is deservedly popuiar as a lèctüïer in all ihi? region, a :d has done more to arouse the public mind, and pive it a nglït direction on the subject of pohticul acllon thun any otber man in Suite. 1 am glad to learn that he is slill at work. 19tb. At Albion I receivod a Iiearty welcome from our valuable friend Rev. E. Cliild, who stood by and nobly defended our principies in 1840, w hen we wore passing "tiansition b traite." Lfclured in the eveniug- congreiration small bnt altentive; it vathouffht a lodgment of truth was made in tbc mind of the audience thut will teil in aftci limfi.One circ'imstance connected with the elcction in this is worthy of note. Áibion and Sheridan are two towns, but virtually Ihe same yillage, bciny separated only by the Kalamazoo rivcr. The Liberty l'ckets for these placea were sent fïom Marshall to this village, 1o the care of Enos Dutton, wïio keeps the Temperance house, with a requeet that he should see tliem safe in the hands of the friemls. But Mr. Dutto.n being a whïg, did not wish to have the ubolitionists "thrciv away their voies," so !ie concealed the tickets, and when interrogated on the subject, pretended to no knowledge of them whatcver. Esquire B;irklay, liowever, a member of the board said, near the close of the eleclion, that the tickets were at Mi. Dütton's, for he saw them delivered lo him tlio Friday provious. Accordingly J. N. Taylor went for tiiem again, and though told by Mr. Dütton that they were not in the house, vet he urged bis way to the Clipboard, where Esquire Barkley told him he saw them put, and behold the "lost was found.'' Mr. Dutton excused hiinself by saying tliat "he Jcncw il would do no good for the ub'li tionists to vole thtir lick et,so he ctmctalcd them.'' Such is the knavery with which the friends of liborty have to contend, and ■vvere I called upon to give advice, 1 would advise nll the people of Michigan to shun the house of the notorious Dutton, of Albion, as they would a Brothel, and givews my reason for thi.s advice that I shonld not consider them safe ir their property. if in tbcir person?, wliilo undei hts roof. He is not iistained, to my knowl edge, by one of his neigiibors, in hid deeds ol darkness.20th - Sabbáíh. - Preaclied twice in the Presbyterian house, and in the evoning nt the Methodist. Soriousnoss prevails here, aml j a prospect of guod chnors tlie frienda of Zion. Rcv. Allen Staples, the Methodist i gyana stalionoJ here, is a devoted friend of j the slave, and goes it without a "bul." The ' Lord will blesa and leward him for hia labors of love.21st.- Vimted llomcr. Four Ministers 'ere present at ny lecture, all of whorn are i g-ht. The congregation was respectable ] ná I think the causs was advanced bv the ' ors of theevenmg. Isaac Van Fossen E=q. as present, and after the meeling adjounu:d, ,-c liad a little debate in which t!ie Esquire bok the ground fiat Congress had no power 0 lojrislate on any subject that was not men ioned i the Constitution. Consequently that ilavery in the District of Coluinbia was under hejurisdiction of Virginia and Maryland who :eed the territory, and tliat tliese States :ould ubolish it by a legislative act. Being Iriven from this posilion. ha ñnally coneluded ihitt when Virginia and Marylar.d ehould alter ■hcir constitutions which tolérate slavery, that :hc inslilution would cease Sn ihe District. - Wi'il the gentleman have the goodness to rcad Lhe constitution of Virginia and point out the chopter and verse whore that instrument supports slavery,or even recognizes it? Until he does tlfw I must look upon him as ignorant beyond "most with whom I have chnnced to meet. Hovevei,lhe debate was not lost. 1 obtained one new subscribcr to the Signul in cotisequence of it. L2d. - Dinod with friend Fitch of Marshall, and left for Batt!e Creek. Vhcn wilhin about one mile of the vilïage, my attention was arresíed by a company gathered near the house of a Mr. SUles. ft oppeared that Edwakd H. Macy, land ngent at Kalamazoo, was passing from thence to Marshall wilh hislady: the horse imdean attempt to run, the sleigh was npset, and Mr. Macy and wife thrown out Mr. Macy wns carried into the house of Mr Stilcs and ihough medical aid was administered imncdiately, he expired in about thirty min utes. Mr. Macy was 41 ycars of age, had been cdticatcd among the Friends, and wa a sober, valuable Citizen. Mrs. Macy escapee unhurt. It was trnl solemn to see a fellowbeing taken from ulo's bjjsy caros where all was pro$perity, in fo sucden and unexpected a mnnner. But surely in the iriicUt of life we are in ileath. The horse (which by the vvay has a very bad ireputation,) run, and by so doing broke one of his legs. Horses fir a Livery 5table should be perfectly gentle.- Had Mr. Macy been supplied with a kind beast, he mightnow have been living to prove j a comfort to bis companion, anda blessing te I the worJd. I passcd from this scène oi deuth to tiie village, msditating on the short'ness and nnccrtainty üf lire. On omving there, lo niy surprise, Dea. Cross had just been taken fiom under ihe bent oi'a bridge that had fallen upon hiin. Ile was supposed to be dead, but immediaiely revived, and when I left it was thought he wonld recover. Surely man cometh fo'th as a flower, and is cut down; he floelh also as a shadow, and contiruieth not. I lectured in tbis village with apparent success. 24i.h. - Made my way through the woods, snow and nnul to Union City, and called on Br. Zünrpertnan, was so on introduced to friends Clarke, Stickney, Waters, Bubbitt. Tvis, and olhers equaliy worthy, whose ñames I have ibrgotten. Hers was n. company. of as choice spirits as I ever saw, full of life, perfectly calculaled to make every one around them cheerful and happy. The Lberty vote herc was higher than tiie Whig or Democratie. The kctiire was well al tended. I had bocome, however, hoarse and fatigued, and tliink my effort was rather faint and peihaps poweriess; but I leave wisbing rauch success to the friends of Union City. 25th. - Arrived at Litchfieli!; put up ata temperance house kept by L.Long. Our meeting here went off with perfect entlmsiI asm. Several at the close of the lecture avowed themselves political abolitionists who had never before gone in for this mensuro. Il was remavked that when friend Slewart from i Detroit was here a rew weeks since, that all ! who were on the fence vvere set over and he 1 ! fillcd it ngain, and that a similar operation had ' been gone through with again. Suitable exertion during the vinter on the part of the ! friends will set this town right.26th. - HilLsdale Center. The population ( is scatteied here and the niht being stormy, ' but few assemblee, yet an impression favorable to our enterprise was made. At the close i of the lecture tlie audiencc were amused by remarks from the whig representative and Democratie Senator ito our legislature) from ' this place, aided by Esq. Sharp, a detnocrat. The debate had refcrencc more particularly to the questions involved between whigs and ] democrats, tlian between f hose partios and the friends ofliberty. Our cause is omvard. L7th. Sabbath - Spent the dn y in Adams among vvnrm-lieaited, devoted fiiend?, who go for Liberty 'm church and State. - Some of the town officers here, are liberty men, liaving been electert with the union of whig and democmls against thern. 28thi Manchester - Spoke to an intelligent and dceply interested audience. But little effort has been made in this place to advance the principies of our enterprize; atill we 6hould have polled a respectable vote here iflhefriends had ber n supplied with tickets. The namest solicitution ofseveral persons induced me to give enconragement of visiting Manchester ogain. L9tb. Safe at home - in perfect health, 6iirroundd wilh all the feücities of domestic life - for which I feel grateful to the Author of mv beiiicr.RRFLECTIONS. Ist. No people on earth "have more com'orts than those of' Michigan. Wliat a varietv - pork, lieef, venison, prairie hens, wild turkcys, quails, pigeóna, fish, butler, checte, &c. [rrain in an quantity and of every kind. Na ture has been prodial to our eoil, and a kim providence has filled our barns and store hou ses with a rich andvaluable variety. Are w as grateful, and as penitent as we should be?Ld . Thcre ia a general disposHion nmong the penple to henr and onderstand the principies of our rightcous cause. Our political organization hos made vs respecled. Our principies are being discusscd in every nook and corner in the land. Ifthc liberty friends hold steadily on thcir way, our svccess is certain, andthat they will be confidingand faithful, is not too much to believe, is not much too much to expect. There is virtue and morral principie enough in this nation to enable it to arise in the gieatness of itsstrength, and put down the blave tower that novv controls nearly all its monied inlerests. Establish free instituüons, and make its interests one. Friends of liberty, arouse, come to the -show yoursel ves men, labor and toil intil our principies triumph and the nation fice from its foulest, it3 deadliest curse.


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