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Othe Detroit Advertiser T&kes Us To Task For Expressing Our ...

Othe Detroit Advertiser T&kes Us To Task For Expressing Our ... image
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OThe Detroit Advertiser t&kes us to task for expressing our honest conviction, that the result of the late election, when vievved in connection with the preceding eleclions and with the present state of the whig party, was plainly indicative of the actual strengt of parties in this State. The Advertiser says this opinión of ours is "wholly fallacious," It was. notwithstanding, our honest conviction, drawn from careful observation, and it is yct unchangcd. WO have resided in the State many years, and from our loca'.ion in the interior, we think we can forrn a better judgment of the state of public feeling, than can be attained by those living in Detroit. That paper further says: "The inferenco it (the Signal) would doubtless draw is, that the Whigs can never sticceed in Michigan, and therefore had better disband and make room for the politica! abolitionists. Gentlemen, we cannot so far accommodate you; and bc astwed, once for all, that toe never sha il do it." We do, indeed, draw an nference that the Whigs, mider the banner of lïenry Clay, or any other slaveholder, can never succeed in Michigan; nnd we are confident the resuk wil] Ijustifyour nnticipations. As to the tonacity of the Whigs, in clinging to their slavery-governed organization, 'that is n matter which they can fix to snit thomselves. - The consequéhee of their peróisting in stistaining an organization that can never succced, will be, that there will belwo rninorities mstead of one; and the Whigs may rest nssured tliat we stand the contest iis long with a groicing minority, as they eau with one continualJj .ilecreaeing. 03A colored man was lately soldat auction at Chicago, by the Sherifl'of Cook Couniy, for one month to the highest bidJcr, because the said colored man wns found at-work.quietly in a fielJ without haviag a certifícate of freedom. A large company assernbled to witnesa tbc uovel epectacle, but wcre unwilliag to bid. At length, te sae the poor fellow froju being cominiltcd t? jail ïgain, one man bid him o(f for a month for tiornty-jine -cents. The whole scène was disgusting to the citizens present ITAn anli-abolition society has been formed in St. Charles, Missouri. The prenmble seis fortb tha't whereas the iel! spirit of enstern abolitionism, like a liydrn-headed serpent, is slill lurking nmong theui, producing disaffection and disturbance, whereby some of their oldest and most estóenied fellow citizens have suflered much loss, they therelore resol veto keep their slaves in 6ubjection, and instituto inquines into the opinions of individuals. They had better exchange their preperty for some not so locomotivo in its character. EFTiie Tocsin savs ncarly 300 fugitivos from slavery have passcd througli Albany in abotil a year.


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