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- Do not fail to roadthe article irom the iXew (Jrleans JJunetin. - "VVhat a noble position the Democratie candid.ite for the Presidenny occupies! "Safcty, pa tr'otism, -and duty command us, ihen, to hautain bc (slavcry) AT ALL HAZARD; and in obeying their maudate. we have tiz high and holy satictlon cf scripturk " TJion think whai a beautiful compliment Mr Calíioun paya to the piety of a large portion o the North. "Slavery is sanctioned both by the Olti and New Testament. He who denies it, i not blindcd by fanaticism, must be a HYPO CRITE"!!! Reader! Did you ever think of this one thinj, - thr.t supposing the scriptures to sanction slavery.. they nevcr speaki f negro slaves. The per 66Í18 tbcre mentioned were almost invariabl] white; and thai authority on which Mr Calhoun relies for holding a negro in bondage, is equnlly good for mak ing a s!ave of you - your wife and children. Think of this fact, and then go and vote for this modern patriarch.OCPOn our first page we Unve inserted, by ivsquest, a communication to the Evangeücel Ministers of Michigan, respecting a plan tor the ■botter observance of the Sabbath. It is contetnplated to put Uou the lakes a numbcr of steamboats, to run only eix days in the week, to be owncd by a company, with a capital stock of $100,000, to be held in shares of$100 cach. We tite not sufficiently acquainted with. the detiils a{ the plan to form an opinión of its merits. - JBut the object is worthy the attentive consideraiion of every Christian minister in the State.


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