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To The Friends Of Temperance

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The ExectUive Committee of the Michigrnn State Temperance Society, have enjraged Mr. ! Sormiel Chipman, of the State of New York, ■ to lfcture throughout the State. Mr. C. was an early worker in the ciuse, and personally examined every Jail and Poor House in the State of New York, an-1 mnny ín othcrj States, and thus authentically ascertninod the; result of alcoholic drink in causing crime, j axation, poverly and deïtruction tolifennd, moral?. His staüstics - the most valunble on' the subject - coniain startlin? disclosures, - The Sfai e Society of Nesv York, published 100,000 copies of the work. E.C. Delevan, aftermud) commendation declared "a copy should be placed in every family in the nation, and be republishfid in all printed lannacres" - and it has already become the text book for reference in Ireland and Enpland. Sincc then Mr. C. has added Inrgely to his slatislic?, increasing not only ihose previonsly mnilo, hut deaths - and lie has arranod and classificd the whole, making it a text book for the Tempe rance Lec.turer. It is of unappreciable value, nolesstoa tax-payinsr community, fhan to the investiffator of frutli and its small price (tvvo shilling.?) places it within the reach of the pooi est.The want of fnnds precluues the undersigned f'rom paying Mr. Chipman for his time, or, even his expenses. He can look for remuner, ation only to the sales of his work, : We therefote commend him to the hoapitality of all Temperance friend?, and solicit for him Ibeir co-operation in his objects. W e hope they will spare no pams to bring within the benefiHil reach of hislectureF, larpe andienced and tliat cach one will purchase "A Temperance Lecturer,'' thus not only topossess him self ofa workfar exceeding the value of two sliillings, but also to support so cheaply a Lecturer for the State. In lecturing, Mr. C. will avil himself not inerely of hisexperienfe, and stalistics, but will exhibit Dr. Sewall's krge of the hunnn stomach, manifesting the effect produeed on it by liquor. Charles H. Stewart, H. H. Emmons, R. K. SmíTit, THOMAS ROWLAND, Wm. A. Howard, A. M. Fitch, MOHGAN BATFS, Ex. Com. oM.'S. Temp. So. Editors through the State are requested to give the afaove as extensivo a circulation as possible, thus to aid a good cane.


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