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CL J MTOiN' S Eft i I Ñ A RV .TIIE fifth term of ihis instiiution will comX nience o Monday, Nov. 14. and continue weeka. I Inving procured the assistance of iwo exponiDcedaúd aucceasful Tachera, thu principal ia jcttcr preparad than h(irctofore,to meet (lic wants t the communiiy by giving a thorough Englisl: nul Clnssicnl cducution. Tuition, forstudios pursucd by small chi laren, n thö Primar y Department, $2,00 - i'or comnion Gngüsh branches 53;l)0 - for the luglier Englisb )rnncbes, as Algebra, Geometry, Astronouiy, 3ook-Keeping, Chomistry, Moral and IntellectlalPhilosophy, Logic, llhotoric A:c. $4,00, Lntn, and Greek, $5,00, Frcnch, and IJcbrcw. [riG.OO. Siudems will bc charged tuition in ndvnncc, j from iho timo tliey enter till the close of the term. blïl t will be refundod to any who mny bo detainecj'by ])rotrnctetl sicknees. Boani muy be hud in good fatnUies at a very reasonnl'lc price. A íew may obtait) board witïi the teachen. A short lcssoii in the theory and practiceof vocal Music will continue to form u part of' the daily cxercises. Nopaihs v.-iü be spared to preserve tlie yomh. wlio rnay bn intrasted to jwr care, from inmoral infiuences. and to ronder them wiser ond betler. Other nformation will be cheerfally given to such as addreas us by letter for that purpose. We would express our graiitiide to those Editors who have fnvornbly noticed us. Thoso"who will insert thisadvertisement .liall be en'.itled to tuitiou to the nraount of'their bill. GEO. W. BANCROFT. Principal. JAS. S. SMEDLEY, Teacher of Frcnch and Hcbrcro. Clinton, Oct'. 4, 1812. 25 tf NOTICE. - As sorne youna; lanies regnrd t as a matter of consequence to attend school wlierc one of the teachers is a Pénate, wc wish to say thnt we have very unexpcclcdly benn rfeptived of c l.ibors of our female teacher, and know not that her place can be permanently iilled before the comtnencement ot the spring term. G. W. B. Clinton Seminary, Nov. 16, 1842. ASHKXNAULE 11AIR ])Ri:èsiiS(i.- T. Freeman returns his sincere thanks to the citizens of Ann Arbor and it9 vicinity for ihe hberal puronago they have extended to hun. and earh38tly soücits furthercontinuanceof the snme. Ue also wishes to punchase a quantity of talse hnir. for whiclrho will pay a liberal price, íor the purpose of inanufactnring rinL'lcis. Mr. Freeman nopes not to'givc ofl'encc to his i old cusiomers, when he informa thum, that hore! nfter bifl shop will be closed durinij the Sabbath ! day. lic will be very anxious and happy to nc! commodate them. by working a little later and more industriously on Saturday eveniiiKs. T. FilEEMAN. October3, 1842.2 YPSILA.NTÍ AC AD KM 5f ASI) Tendí ars San no nj . npi-IE tenth term of ibis insiituüon will comX menee on Monday, Nov. 2S, and continua 11 weeks. Having procured the nssistance of two competent and successful Teachers, tlic principal is ptepared to give a thorough English and Classical lucation. He will devote his wholo atlention to he Englisli departmentas heretofore. From 20 30 minutes is dailv oceupied by the principal n lecturing, wilh the aid of the íipparatus and inoráis, orotherwise. Apparatus.- Tho Insli'.mion is furnished with heuucal, Philosophical, and Astronouiical aparatas. Surveying Instruments, Geometrical sols, &c. to tho amount of $300; also, a good hinetol M inerals worth $5). Tniiion'in ihe English branches, froni $2,50 to 5,00 per term ; Latin and Greek, 5-3,Ü0; "rench. $3.00; Kñgjish and Classical studies niled, $(5.00 only; Mczzotinto nnd Chinese or 'heorem paínttDg, $3.0ü each for 12 lcssoiis, uiíiKt by Mis. Griilni. The tuition is to be paid at the middle o the erm. No doduetbn for absence will be made, xcept for protracted sicknces, and no one will )c received for less tfaah five and a half weeks. Board, including room and washing. fbr.'jiáO er week. For fuither particulars enquire ot the mncipal. . , H. IT. GR1FF1N, Principal. CHAS. WOODRUFF. Teacher of Latin, Greek andFrench. Miss CAROLINE A HAMMOND. Assistaru. Ynsilanti, Nov. 16? 1812.iRASS LAKE ACADEMY et TEACHOT ERS' SEMIiNARY.- The Winter term f tliis insiitution will emnmence on the lirst Ion.l-iy of November, undcr the inslruction of Ir. Ba mus, A. B. Good board can be bed, viihuseof room and washing. lor ona dollar er week. Tomo - from 3 to $5. JfqTB. - Mr. Bii.ris ia an expericneed teacher, nd will. doubtless, givc genera) sn)isf;iction. ALONZO BREWER, Chairman of Trusltcs. F. Tuckvr. Clcrk. ü7-'.


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