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Threshing Machins

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finí] E undcrsignetl would miurin tnc puuucium X thcy continue to mnnufácture 'Hobsk rowrisnnd Thhkshing Machinks, lwo nnd a nali mil es froin the villoge of Ann Atbor, on the n.lroad. The llorse Power is a late mveution by b. W Fosler, and is decidedly superior to any otber ever oilered to the public, as will nppear by the suitements of those who have used ihein during the last year. It is light in weight ond BDiall in corapaae, being carried together with the lhresher, in a coinnion wapgon box. and drawn wïüi case by t%vo horses. Jt is as hule Hable to break, or get out oi repair, os any other Horse Power, and will work as easy and tlirash as much wjt i four horsca attaehcd to it nsany other power with fivc horses, as will nppear fro.n the recommendntionsbelow. New patterns have been made Tor the cast Tron. and nddilional weighl and strength applied wherever it had appeared to be uecessary frörn one year's use of the machine. The subccribers deern it proper to state, thnt aïumbcr of horse powers were sold last year in he villngcof Ann Arbor which wcre belieyed by he purchasers to bc thosc mvented by fo. W. l' oser and that mest or all of them were eiihcr made inaterblly different, or altered betore sold. so as to be inatcrially dinerent from those made and sold by the subseribers. Such nherntions being decidcdly detnmenta'. to the utility of the machine. They have good reason to belicve that ëvery one of those returned by the puichasers as unsat.sfactory were of Me class. They are not awarc that any Power that went from thcir shop, and was put in use, as they made it. has been condemned or laid asidecs a had machine. All who wish to buy are invited to examine them and to enquire of those who have u?ed 'lm - Therewillbeoneibrexaminationat N. H.VN ing s, I Dcxter yülagc} and one at Martin Wu.i.son s ïsiotehovsc in Drt oit-wt these gentlemen bcin acents for the sale of them. The price wiil bc $120 for a four horse power, with Q threshing machine, with q stavc or wooden barcylinder; and $1 HO fora horse power with a threshing machine with an iron bar cylindcr. The attention of the reader is invited to the fol ,owing recommendation FOSTER&CO Scio. April 20. 1842. nwr' 1! ECOMMENDA TI ONS.This is to certify ihnt wo havo used one of S W. Foster's newly invented Ilorse Powera for iihout five months, and threshcd with ït about 3000 bushels, and belicve it is constructed on ficltcr principies than nny otbor Horse Power. - One of the undersigned has owned and used eight different kindsof ilorse Powers. and wc bclievethat four horscs will tbrash as nuich with ibis Power is fice will with any other power with wbich we areacquamtcd. S. G. IVES. Scio, January. 12, IS42. Thia is to infonn the public thnl T hnve purchascd, and have now in use. one of the Horse Powers reccntly inventel by S W. Foster, made by S. VV. Fos'er, &.Cn., and believe i tbo construct ed iipon bettcr principies, and requires less strenatk of torses than any othcr power with whicii 1 am acquaiutud. A. WEEKS. Mount Ciemeii3. S$pt. 8, 1S41. This is to inform the pnblic that I have purchnsed one of the Ilorse Powers, recently invented by S. W. Foster, and us"d it fora number of months. and belicve it is the best power in use. workiog with less strenglh of horses than any other power with which I nm acquainted. and being small in compass. is easily moved from one place to another. I believe 4 horses will thresh as much i with tliis power as 5 will with anv other power. The plan and the working of this power have been univennlly approvod ofby fermers for whom Ihavethrashed. E. s. SMfTH. Scio. April 11. 1842. The subscribers makevery good SMTJT MACHINES which they will sell for $60. Thn machine was invented bv one of tbc subscribers who hnshad many year'sexperienccin the millin; business. We invite those who wish to buv ■ üood machine for a fair price to buy of us. It i worth as much as most of tha machines that cos 1 from 150 to $300. ; S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April, IR, 1842. Woolen Manufaciory The subscriber8 havo recently put in operatio n woollen manufaciory for mnnufacturing woollc cloth by power looms, two and a half miles we from Ann Arbor village, on xhe railroad, whfit he wish to manufacturo wool inw cloth oshares, or lor pay by the yard, on reasonn ,1c tornis? Tl.ey have employcd expenenced wotk,nen and fcel confidënt thnt Vf w.ll bc ucll done. They thcreiore reapecttully osk a shnie „Ipublic paironogc, especially frotnthose whoare in favor oí home ibddstot. Wool may be left ut Scit vilUige. S. W. FOSTER & Co. Scio, April 13, 1842.


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