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International Games Day @ AADL


Saturday November 16, 2013: 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

For Whom

Teens (Grades 6 And Up) And-Adults


This year’s International Games Day features two awesome tournaments.

The first is a HUGE multi-library competition pitting Ann Arbor's finest video gamers against the best the world has to offer.

The other tournament, running concurrently, features the cutthroat engagements in the arena and on the racetrack that you have come to expect from AADL's SMASHKART. with four separate prizes rounds; Smash Brothers single player, smash doubles, MarioKart Wii singles and Kart Double Dash Teams.

We'll also be serving pizza and soda to keep you fueled up and in top form for some extreme gameplay!


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cai123 06.29

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