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Poetry: Footsteps Of Angels

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Written in 1839 in memory of his first wife, Mary Storer Potter Longfellow. Alternate title: "Voices of the Night: A Third Psalm of Life." This is the second printing of the poem in the Signal of Liberty (see "Poetry: Footsteps of Angels" in the December 29, 1841 issue).

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Wken the hours of day are numberecl, And the voiecsof the night Wake the better soul that slumbered, To a holy calm delight: Ere thcevening lamps are lighted, And like phantoms grim mul tall, Shadows from ihe fitful fire light Dance upon the parlor v;ul, Thon the forms of the depatfed Enter at the open door. The beloved ones- the true-hearted, Come to visit me once more; He. the youngand strong-, who cherished, Nolle longings lor !l;e 6:rife - By the way-side feil and perisiied, Weary with the march of life! They th holy ones nnd weakly, Who the erose of suflering bore - Folded their paio hands 6o inctl.iy - Spake with us on earth no more! And with them ihe Being Beauteous, ■Vho unto my youth w;ie given. More than a!l things eUe to love nio, And isnow a saiiU in hcaven. With n b'.ow and noiseless foot&tep, (vOtnca that nicssenger divine, Takea th chair behind me, Lays her gentle hand in mine. And as she sits and gazes at me, With thoso deep and tender eyes. . Likc the 6!ars so still and eaint-l:ke, Looking downward from the 6kies, Uttcred not, yet compehenued, Ie the spirit' voicelesa prayer, Soft rebukos, in blccas ended, Breathing from her lips oíh.-. Oh. though oft depressed and lonelj', All myfearsare laid aside, If I bul remeniber only Such aa these have hved nn-I died.