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Communications: Exemption Of Real Estate: For The Signal Of ...

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M I.:.nü1;s:-;i:ivingpc.ccived from ameles m your paper witlmi a few momhs past, .t.,ut you with otheraore of the opinión that t.'c propio are not oa welt oíT and as happy as oynnghtifthey would prtícé more wisdom and vmue, I proposo lo rnakc a few romnrKsnp. onsome of the important obstados in tl.e woy of the happiness and prüsperiiy of the maas of the PM'lo. 3 not mean that degree of happiness only which is found in the gralification of tho oninial wail.3. i Inean ,he improvcmf,n( ofthe nun,i and the cuhivntioa of the social vrtue3.- To -obtBin these blessings in their hgtíet periertion, ït is neecssTy that the inass of thenmp{ irjR1 ,ile cuatros of povcrty önd ■rhc eonstnnt fenr of coming ,0 Wnn.. t'rn the mindsof parents be left as frecns powible from unusual vesations and anxieties. It h foum! nccessarjr to support lavvs and customs which discourage vice and promote virtuo. Ai! Irnvs nnd ctóloíne liave a direct or indirect efll-ct óñ this subject, and it istherefore ofvast importance that they be judicioi-.s and rigüt. Ono groat ol.ject ofího lav.s ti overy wel! coverned country is to prevent ono man or ohss of I men fro:n injarngor defratíding nnother nwn or OÍMs of men. With this viov.-, laws been enneted in tnost or -nlliho northern Stntrs against lotfcrie?, horsc-racing. frambüng, &c. Law'b ; ought nlso to be enacted in every country to 1 prevent.. q3 far ns inay be consistent vviüi personal Iiberty, the avaricious and scheming froni obtajniríg prony of the !ess Yary porti'. n oí eoMMUy, wiUVout just compe-nsation. Tjiis is acco.npüsl,! „neipaüy ,y tWÜ Inü(ies; one ig t!te conau.umaüon of scheming bargains, Rlaoiyjd, by one party, pd thc other artfully persuaded j to ossent to tliein: th.e other and rnuch the most j succpssful inodf, is tïio -party who wishes to maUe a good bargain with bis neishbor to offer to solí him soniethiüg Qn credit nnd Iíold out a fele inducement to him to buy nnd i ve Lié "o'.e.. vjiicli is dañe upon the same principie that a Joticry ticket jé bought wiih the hope of fmin, wben the buyer and seilei both know :vt!io clnncos are a!i (collectively taken) airainn the bin-er. The note falls duc, and fortjike has p.ursued her na:iual courso. and not fuvorcd hi::j, and l,;a property set off to pay the deb't at tvvo thirds Lts va!uc, or to be sold under the hammer.This mode of gambling can in n great measurc he retnedied by lcgislntion, and t ought o be dons. The btcrests of cornmunity require thut cvery inrlucfment to seM propertjr, er lend mopey toa man with iníemion of cripplmg hi,n in hi3 oircumstances or oí fora ng hiin from a high raio ofusury, wl,en P3y day chail come, ought to bo taken, avv.iy. The contreciiny aad [".lyn.rn'.r.f debls'is a subject iiidisputably within ilie control of the Lc-iihuuc, and they ought to regúlate it. as fur 'as possible, in sucha rnanner that tliecreditorshall bu inícrouu! in tho sucas; nnd prasperity of h:s debtor, instead of his ruin and proalratlon. To hccompliéli this, it is only neees?niy that the crediïor should bc obfiged :o è ;)cnd pfjn.oíplly npon lUe hor.or of dis rlcTbtorinsíeadofhisyiopfiíy; is. credit should be given 10 min, and nut to propeny in ihe ordinnry tranactions of W'c. It is true that under 6ucb circums'.anccs, credit would bc greatly curtaüed, but there would be cyioügh of it for tlio beneñt of coinmunty; ilioso who could and would pay would have credit, and üio-e wht could not or would not pay when the debt becarue due, would i;i general be botter off without being uusiod t!ian wtth. Ainplu pi-ïvision ought tobe made for tho collecten oí pny for labor. 1 bc debtor in this State. undor tho pjcicnt excinption law, is enabled to kern his !eam and toois out of tho hamls of the sih'ëriff, but his honso, his home, a humble dweïiing place t inaj: be of liale or no valuó to hiscreditor, but a!I important to him, may heta1.: :i Croan lim. nt two tbirds its appraised vrlue, a:iJ tía f.:ni!y turncd 'vrctti tiie highway. This is decid:;d!y wrong. K a man is to be a!lov-ed two orthiee hundred dollars worth of pronerty nicmpt íVoíh evecutíon. he ouglit lo hive the privilege of holding thnt ainount in real estáte f be cliooses.I ara not preparen to ■advócate the justicc or propriety of pnssinrj laiifa to excmpt'a Ir.rgo amonnt of property from tiie pnyirtent ofdebts rt-ady comrncted, but I vjh lo expresa the opi. ion to yourVenilersasoneof iheir íellow citizens, v.t tle bes,! iliing the present or any future legisiaiure can da to promote tho prcsperiiy of the pcople of tho State, is lo fie n h;v attthónzmg every hbise h oí dar to hokl e'xeínjit f:oni the pnymc-nt of rlebtá of common contract contrnctud nfter tíie p;isa;:e of the law. a ccrlain nniouit of vnlue in rer:i estfc&j saifi!!c for a comfortalile böiwa íor d famüy. Creditors v.nuhl luive no MUse to cr.ioplain of suc'] a 1 .w. ihoy wouM tflOw büíorchnmi fhhj th.-y sSiiW tiBt také the real e-!ate of ihe debrort and miglitliiist hi:n or not. The owjicr of the land coald not possibly cumilüin; tor if lio wished to contract i debí thnt woiiJd hold his lnnd. he coultl mong:i ir. Urd.r litis state of things,' cvery owner of land f;o ti forty ncres to a ihous.i-id wonld fiel a dcírrec oíindepcnenee tliat he does not now feel - he woiihl be assured af&lioaisftávingd lome, and loiving it.for his fniuily; cn;l t!ie fftíhíhf wou Id uil feel an additionnl interest in improvin atid orn imenting it. T!ie v.ealth and appcaranco of. tr.e in gcnpral woúld be prometed, and the comforts and indepondence oí tho people gieatly incrcased. It caniiot bo for i!ie in'ercst o f cnumunity 'o pursup thc .preesiu fytem oí dobt and credit, v.hich iu ovevy cou.-uy cvury yair ronfieraiamilics hotne!j!?r tor .tho pmpose oí aciJijir a litt'e to the weukh of one wealiby individuak I do riot i complain that nien are required lo r-uy debícrea'dy contrncted; it ia ihe system of contractin débta with the intention, uuder ccrtnin contin gcncics. prtokÏDg n!l that the crcditor bas in pnyment, which I oppose. Ii" you should think proper to plncc the nbovc remarks bcfore your will grntify


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